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Band: Cage
Album: Hell Destroyer
Release date: 2007

01. Descension
02. Hell Destroyer
03. I Am The King
04. The Circle Of Light
05. Christ Hammer
06. Born In Blood
07. Abomination
08. Innauguration
09. Rise Of The Beast
10. Cremation Of Care
11. Bohemian Grove
12. Final Proclamation
13. From Death To Legend
14. Legion Of Demons
15. Betrayal
16. Fall Of The Angels
17. Fire And Metal
18. Beyond The Apocalypse
19. The Lords Of Chaos
20. Metal Devil
21. King Diamond [bonus]

"Hell Destroyer" is already the 4th album of a really good but unfortunately not so famous band from the USA, Cage. Cage plays Power Metal but not in the spirit of the European one (at least not a lot), at the opposite the band plays a real Thrashy Power which will remind you the American killers who are Iced Earth. If you're bored by the European Power and want something violent but of course melodic, you'll have to follow my words and try to find as soon as possible this really nice release.

If you like high-pitched vocals, heavy riffs and double bass drums, you'll have to check "Hell Destroyer" because this album will be a really good surprise which will please all the Metalheads who like bands like Iced Earth. It's maybe not something really new but believe me it works and the band perfectly knew how to mix the anger of the US Power Metal with the epic spirit of some bands like Rhapsody. As you can already understand, "Hell Destroyer" is violent on a side but also has some really epic melodies in the spirit of Rhapsody without being "too much" (expect with the lyrics maybe). The melodies are all hyper catchy like on "I Am The King" and I think that all the people who like good Heavy Metal and Power will love this release.

The performance of the musicians is as good as the production of the album. I discovered Sean Peck with this album but I can tell you that he is a great singer who can sing with a really high voice like with a nice loud and deep one and I can even tell you that he could be a perfect singer for Iced Earth (a lot better than Tim Owens). The recording is perfect and you'll be able to hear all the instruments perfectly, plus the album is a concept album with some little breaks and speeches there and there and except that you'll have to be a fan of Kings and Dragons to really enjoy the lyrics, I have nothing to say here.

"Hell Destroyer" is highly recommended to all the people who like US Power Metal. This release is a great surprise for me and I will have a look on all their other releases as soon as possible! Fans of Iced Earth and Rhapsody don't miss this "Hell Destroyer", you can be sure that you'll be deliciously surprised. Cage is a name that we will have to remember now!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 06.07.2007



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07.07.2007 - 04:52
Account deleted
I have this one, with a discount Mr. Sean Peck sold it to me on $100 pesos when its like $15 dllrs
i kinda liked it, even tough is like Christian Metal or something... not my thing.
03.11.2007 - 00:26
The Norseman
I'm a big fan of this band. I didn't listen to this album yet but I own the "Unveiled" and "Astrology" and love them both.
22.01.2008 - 01:41
Darken Rahl
My favorite metal album of 2007 10 out of 10.
24.03.2008 - 18:48
brilliant story
21.01.2009 - 03:18
Donnie Darko
I discover this band today and now im a big fan of them . Their albums are AMAZING!!
25.03.2010 - 08:28
I found satanic subliminal backmasking message in the heavy metal band from USA - CAGE. It is in the CD release HELL DESTROYER - released in 2007 - track no. 10 - Cremation of care. If you play the song backwards you can hear the satanic message: "Rise master. Hail mighty satan! - 4x, We await your arrival. Deliver unto us armageddon."
12.10.2011 - 22:23
The best metal album I ever heard.

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