Abandoned - Thrash You review


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Band: Abandoned
Album: Thrash You
Release date: June 2007

01. Incantation
02. Visions Of Death
03. We Are Hell
04. Disorder
05. Die In Dignity
06. Sands of Time
07. Feel The Fire
08. Damned For All Time
09. This Is The End
10. Repentance
11. Too Blind To See
12. In Search of Sanity
13. Trapped
14. V.O.D. Reprise

I have a motto which says that Thrash Metal never hurts. Of course don't worry I know that we can find some big pile of shit in this category but all in all even if all the albums in the genre aren't some "Reign In Blood" or "Rust In Peace" it's always cool to listen to this kind of Metal. "Thrash You" is the second album of the German thrashers of Abandoned and if their first album wasn't so innovative and personal I have to say that it's a lot better on the new one. Who know, maybe that Abandoned will become a Thrash Metal killer one day…

"Thrash Notes", the previous album, was really influenced by the American Thrash, especially by the one of Slayer and unfortunately this release lacked a bit of personality, it was just a bit like a copy. On "Thrash You" Abandoned chose to add some other personal influences and now the band mixes the melodies of the American Thrash with the aggression of the German one. I'm not saying that Abandoned has created something new but they did a nice compromise between the two genres and it's a lot better now, more aggressive without forgetting to be melodic. The strong riffs are here but the melodic soli and the good arpeggios are more than present too.

"Thrash You" is really well produced too but if you want some old school sound, you'll be disappointed because it's pure German crystal sound. On the other hand, the performance of our German Thrashers is really nice and when it comes to the vocals of Eric Kaldschmidt like to the soli or the big heavy riffs, no problem. When I compare this album to the previous one, it's obvious that Abandoned improved a lot, it's maybe not perfect yet but it's a lot better.

Abandoned is not the new Thrash Metal revelation of the year but their new album is promising. If they are able to follow this road I can even tell you that they will maybe be able to release a great album of Thrash Metal in a near future. As I said in the beginning of my review, Thrash never hurts, especially the one of the new Abandoned so try to get this album, we're in summer now and a good album of Thrash with a beer is the perfect medicine against sun and boredom.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 07.07.2007


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