Degenerhate - The End Has Just Begun review

Band: Degenerhate
Album: The End Has Just Begun
Release date: 2005

01. Uniforms Of Brutality
02. Zombified By Propaganda
03. From Cradle To Grave
04. Our Tears
05. Failure Of God
06. Day Of Doom

The cover artwork by Luigi Colasanti Antonelli immediately typifies the music about to assault your ears: Unrelenting grinding hatecore of the uncompromising type. Just six songs in ten and a half minutes in total on this mcd, all in the vein of old Napalm Death, old Terrorizer, Concrete Sox and Extreme Noise Terror.
This mini-album breathes old school grindcore all the way, like the band describes in their bio: This album is a journey through sonic terrorism, with technical touches and sociopolitical lyrics.
Eyebrows are raised when putting this disc into my cd-player. Huh, wasn't this supposed to be a grindcore mini-cd? Why the hell do I hear a little kid's wind-up toy tinkle its merry tones? And then it just sucker punches me out of the blue. Damn, the first couple of bars of Uniforms Of Brutality violently bludgeon me into total submission. This violence continues through the first five tracks only to totally finish me off with the suffocating tones of closer Day Of Doom. Was I already down and out by the end of Failure Of God, Day Of Doom just covers me slowly like lava flowing freely out of the Etna. Were the first five tracks just hugh speed aural assaults competing who will reach the finish first Day Of Doom shifts a couple of gears back to strangle the last breath of air out of you slowly and doomsday has indeed come upon the listener.
Hell, these ten minutes and 32 seconds felt like going fifteen rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson. But being the sucker for punishment I am known to be I immediately go back to it. And again and again, that's how addictive this sonic terrorism is. I wonder how Degenerhate is live? With bands such as these their live shows are usually even more violent than the music on record. Back in the early eighties bands such as Degenerhate used to play in squats all over Holland but unfortunately nowadays that isn't as coming any more. Although I was politically usually not on the same wavelength as the extreme left which made up the largest number of squatters musically and for sheer friendly violent fun I do miss those kind of concerts and do it yourself etiquette in a money grabbing society where everything is over-regulated by the government.
Like stated in Zombified By Propaganda:
bullshit lies is what you preach
bullshit lies is what you teach
bullshit lies on tthe tv screen
bullshit lies is what you need
are you trying to control me?
are you trying to trick me?
are you trying to scare me?
are you trying to illude me?
corporations take control
television takes control
bullshit propaganda
crucify our souls

fuck off, flattering asshole
fuck off, mister money maker

This one also goes out to Al Gore and all the artists involved with Live Earth. The environment wasn't on their mind, nope, they were all using Saturday 07-07-07 as a huge advertisement for their own gain. Call me cynical, hell yeah, I am.

Back to Degenerhate, if you want some great violent TotalHyperBlastingGrindingHatecore (their own genre descriprion) then be sure to check out The End Has Just Begun.

Stand-out tracks are: Failure Of God, and Day Of Doom

Written by Marcel Hubregtse | 11.07.2007



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12.07.2007 - 01:17
lol, nice tangent - but very fitting. official site has nothing, but their myspace page has a couple samples.

"zombified" reeks of old Napalm Death, complete with low growls and the high pitched shrieks.
get the fuck off my lawn.

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