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Band: Killers
Album: A L'Ombre Des Vautours
Release date: 2007

01. L'Enfer Du Décor
02. Deux Bastos Dans Le Cigare
03. Combien De Fois?
04. Ccomprendre
05. Seul Dans Mon Coin
06. No Future
07. Faire Du Metal
08. Malgré Tout
09. Trop Tard
10. Absent
11. Nouveau Monde
12. Un Peu De Répit
13. Habemus Metal [Manowar cover]
14. Overkillers [Motorhead cover]
15. Pas De Pitié
16. La Ronde Des Couillons
17. Trajectoires
18. www.misère
19. Voyeur
20. S.O.S.
21. Latitude Ouest
22. Tais-Toi

Four years after the release date of the acclaimed "Habemus Metal" THE combo from the French Basque country is finally back with its new release, "A L'Ombre Des Vautours". Killers is one of the oldest band from France and this 15th album is a great way to show that even after 24 years of career the band is still alive and more powerful than ever. The fans of Speed Metal like the fans of the combo (of course) will not have to miss this great new album.

Killers still use the same recipe, but why would you want to change it? It works and after all, the band doesn't have to prove anything so… As always, Killers plays a mix of Hard Rock and Thrash Metal, something that we called in the 80's Speed Metal and even if we don't use a lot this denomination anymore, I have to say that "A L'Ombre Des Vautours" doesn't sound like something "old". Despite the French lyrics (which are unfortunately a wall to a lot of people outside of France) which don't sound modern, the music is extremely good and powerful as hell. Bruno Dolheguy and his band mates play their best Metal with a lot of charisma and a lot of enthusiasm and it's a real pleasure to listen to this new album. It's thrashy and cut like a sharpened razor blade and of course it doesn't lack of rhythm. No seriously the new Killers is a great release, one of their best lately in my opinion.

The production of the album is also really good and the performance of the guys is near of the perfection. The only negative thing that I could add to this review is that the album is maybe a bit long, 22 songs for 69 of music, it can be a bit messy and you can be a bit lost in the end but when you know that nowadays a lot of bands release albums of 30 - 35 mins maximum, that's not a big problem. Also, the lyrics are, as always extremely "aggressive" and protesting (and it's fun to listen to the French cover versions of "Overkill" (Mortohead) and "Habemus Metal" (Manowar)) but we like it when Killers do that… I cannot complain about it (except that a song in Basque is always a pleasant thing and we don't have anything like that in the new release).

With a lot of ability, Killers release a new album which uses old recipes but which doen't sound "old" and that's perfect for me. Of course, the music of Killers is special and you have to be warned this is not so easy of access (especially if you don't speak French) but it rocks and yeah, Killers is not dead yet!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 17.07.2007



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17.07.2007 - 21:15
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Thanks for it Jeff, and good review.

I didn't know that they released a new album this year. Shame on me, they come from near my home.
17.07.2007 - 21:22
Freaky Admin
And near of my home too lol

Really this album is great... great old school Thrash/Heavy Metal !
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