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Band: Marduk
Album: Warschau
Release date: November 2005

Disc I
01. The Hangman Of Prague
02. Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets
03. Slay The Nazarene
04. Azrael
05. Burn My Coffin
06. Panzer Division Marduk
07. Blutrache
08. Bleached Bones
09. The Black...
10. Steel Inferno
11. On Darkened Wings
12. With Satan And Victorious Weapons
13. Throne Of Rats
14. To The Death´s Head True
15. Sulphur Souls
16. Warschau
17. Wolves

Disc II [Live In Antwerpen DVD]
01. The Hangman Of Prague
02. Perish In Flames
03. Burn My Coffin
04. With Satan and Victorious Weapons
05. Warschau
06. Wolves

There are few Black Metal bands that will be remembered after the hype ends, not many will actually see Black Metal as the increasing phenomenon that it is today, but I'm sure of one thing, people will be talking about Marduk 100 years from now, the insane Black Metal band of epic proportions that created the most blasphemous and intense cuts in the entire metal history.

The band has a lot of Live resources actually, between DVD's and CD's they have almost 10 to this day, but not one compares to this impressive piece of work. "Warschau" contains more than one hour of the best kind of Black Metal in the market right now, 17 balanced cuts that deliver both intense brutality and shivering melodies, it's the perfect album for the old and the new fans of the band.

The band sounds incredibly solid, it's an impressive performance to be honest and the music keeps flowing through the speakers like black blood dripping from a sharp knife. The brilliant execution and the flawless production (for a Live album) makes this album perfect for every metal collector, not to mention this is an absolute must for the band's aficionados.

It's hard for me to say if a DVD would be better for us the fans, I do prefer the CD because it's better to attend to the concert for the imagery and the show (but that's a personal opinion)ůSo anyhow, this live album is way better than anyone could expect, get it on Regain Records right now, their edition is really amazing.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 29.07.2007



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29.07.2007 - 23:59
Lost To Apathy
I prefer live albums to DVDs too, and I suppose for the same reason as you.

I'm not really a fan of Marduk, but I'm going to check this out, just because they are so f*cking intense live.
You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullshit and you know it ~ Mean Streets

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