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Band: DragonForce
Album: Valley Of The Damned
Release date: 2003

Disc I
01. Invocation Of The Apocalyptic Evil
02. Valley Of The Damned
03. Black Fire
04. Black Winter Night
05. Starfire
06. Disciples Of Babylon
07. Revelations
08. Evening Star
09. Heart Of A Dragon
10. Where Dragons Rule [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [Remixed and Remastered Edition Bonus DVD]
+ Valley Of The Damned: LIve Performance, Japan 2004
+ Backstage Footage
+ Video Interviews
+ Behind The Scenes
+ In-Studio Video Footage
+ Video Commentary

I originally got this cd as a data cd with mp3s and b sides. But after listening to the mp3s and B sides I decided this band is worth buying the cd. I have placed an order off the internet to buy this cd. I was simply amazed at the skill, and talent displayed by DragonForce.

The first track like most power metal cds available these days begins with an intro. A Very short 13 second intro, that quickly brings you into the 2nd track.

The 2nd track entitled after the album "Valley Of The Damned" carries strong double bass drumming as it does throughout the whole album. With powerful singing and mesmerising lyrics this song already got me hooked. Before finishing my listen through the album I listened to Valley Of The Damned for about an hour or so on repeat. That is how amazed I was by the song.

The 3rd song "black fire" is what I believe to be THE BEST song on the whole album! It's so electrifying. If you have not heard this song, get it by all means, after listening to this song, I was convinced no matter what the rest of the album sounded like, I loved it. (Obviously I figured most of the rest of the songs will be very similar to black fire).

The 4th song "Black Winter Nights" did not disappoint me one bit. It felt as if it was a continuation of black fire, which I loved because I was so hyped from black fire. The guitar playing for this particular song is completely out of this world with vocals to match the excellency of the guitar playing.

The 5th song entitled "Starfire" is a change from the previous 4 songs. A slow song to calm you down from the rest of the album. I honestly wasn't too fond of this song as it felt like I was listening to a totally different album until halfway through the song. It was an average song compared to the rest of the album, but the lyrics were quite interesting. Definitely not the greatest song on the album.

The 6th song by the name of "Disciples Of Babylon" brought you back into the heavy, head-banging mood. A slight reminder of black fire, but yet only with a more symphony-x like feel (or atleast that's what I felt while listening to this song). Heavy yet melodic. Worth a listen.

The next track entitled "Revelations". A fast song with a war sense of lyricism to it. There is one bass riff that had me smiling. As the rest of the songs the drumming for this song was class! Completely out of this world, one of the best power metal drummers in my opinion.

The 8th track, entitled "Evening Star" brings you back into the slow mood right before the end of the album…or so you are lead to believe. Halfway through the introduction of the song, an explosion of sound blast out bringing you back into a head-banging mood. The hairs on my neck were erect after the pace picked up (sadly enough, not joking). The vocals are quite rough compared to the rest of the songs but none the less very good.

The 9th and final track on the cd kept the upbeat power metal feel throughout the whole song which I was very fond of as it kept me jumping. At the end of this song I felt like replaying the whole cd, I was so hyped. Definitely a good buy. "Heart Of The Dragon" has to be one of the greater songs on this album. It has a very sonata arctica/hammerfall hybrid feel to it. An excellent song without a doubt, this one will keep you running for more.

I honestly can't wait for the next album to be released. My blood burns for more DragonForce. If you have not heard of DragonForce I highly recommend you check them out if you are interested in Power Metal such as Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody and Gamma-Ray as you sense a feel from all of these bands through-out the whole album.

I give this album an 8.5 / 10 rating as I find it almost perfect…but not quite legendary.

Written by 706bassist | 12.02.2004


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Dark Cornatus
DragonForce have come a long way from their first album titled "Valley Of The Damned" but this was where the success started. Its easily their fastest album overall and usually the most widely accepted. The album kicks off with pace and fury (apart from the 13 second intro) with songs Valley Of The Damned, Black Fire, and Black Winter Night. The first two are arguably their two favoured tracks off the album, and are always played live. Black Fire is the fastest song to date they have written, which gives you an idea just how fast this song is!

published 06.06.2006 | Comments (20)


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10.12.2007 - 17:48
Heaven Knight
damn...Heart Of A Dragon sounds like some "speeded up country"

but it is great piece of speed-power, though...i gave 8 because Sonic Firestorm is much better
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

10.02.2008 - 20:07
I R Serious Cat
It's a pretty cool album, but not that remarcable IMO. it was certainly a good debut, but beyond that and the obvious speed, there'snot mucha about this album.
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