Onslaught - Live Polish Assault 2007 review


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Band: Onslaught
Album: Live Polish Assault 2007
Release date: June 2007

01. Intro
02. Let There Be Death
03. Angels Of Death
04. Thermonuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
05. Killing Peace
06. Fight With The Beast
07. Metal Forces
08. Twisted Jesus
09. Intro
10. Flame Of The Antichrist
11. Shellshock
12. Demoniac
13. Burn
14. Power From Hell

[Bonus video: Live in Japan, September 2006]
15. Demoniac
16. Let There Be Death
17. Angels Of Death
18. Power From Hell

[Bonus audio: Live at Bristol Colston Hall, 1987]
19. Metal Forces
20. Let There Be Rock / Let There Be Death

+ Interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler
+ Photo gallery
+ Biography
+ Discography
+ Desktop images
+ Weblinks

Now that Onslaught, one of the few famous Thrash bands from the UK, is back in 2007 after a long break of 18 years it was maybe a good idea to immortalize one of their shows. Metal Mind Production (the DVD label!) decided to record their performance in Warsaw the 12th of February 2007 to produce the first DVD of the combo and if you like Thrash I'm sure that you'll not miss this release.

Onslaught never had the notoriety of Slayer or Kreator but all the ones who like Thrash know the name of this band at least. "Live Polish Assault 2007" is a good way to re-discover this combo which plays pure Thrash Metal. Is not really original and a bit classic on a side but their songs are pure in your face compositions and well, as you'll see through this DVD even after a long break and even if our guys are not so young now, they still know how to play good music. If you like good classic Thrash I don't see why you couldn't have a look on this DVD.

"Live Polish Assault 2007" features a concert of only 1 hour and 7 minutes but also features a lot of bonuses like some Bonus video recorded live in Japan, (September 2006 (4 songs)) and a Bonus audio recorded at at Bristol Colston Hall in 1987 (two songs). You'll be able also to watch an interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler and you'll find a photo gallery, a biography, their discography and some desktop images. It's not outstanding too but it's ok when you know that Metal Mind never puts a lot of bonuses in their DVD packs. But the recording (the same one than Solitude Aeturuns' DVD) is just perfect and the performance of the musicians (even if they're a bit static in my opinion) is convincing so to sum up, "Live Polish Assault 2007" is a nice DVD.

If you like Thrash Metal and respect Onslaught, please have a look on this DVD. This band deserve to be known and if you don't know them yet, "Live Polish Assault 2007" is a perfect way to discover them. Fans of Thrash, don't miss this new release!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 31.07.2007


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