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Band: Blitzkrieg
Album: Theatre Of The Damned
Release date: August 2007

01. Theatre of the Damned
02. The Phantom
03. Devil's Spawn
04. My Life is My Own
05. Spirit of the Legend
06. The Passing
07. Into the Light
08. Tortured Souls
09. Together We Are Strong
10. Night Stalker

Of all the old Heavy Metal bands from United Kingdom, Blitzkrieg is probably the one who is the less famous. That's weird because the band was formed in 1980 and its seven albums were all really good. In fact, I think that their numerous splits and reformations were the big problem of Blitzkrieg but now that it seems that the line-up is ok, maybe that the band will finally find the success that it deserves and "Theatre Of The Damned" their new album will probably help a lot.

Blitzkrieg plays a strong and aggressive Heavy Metal. Don't expect anything "Power" here, with Blitzkrieg you're in front of a band which plays a classy NWOBHM, but with some aggressive rhythms and guitars riffs. It's dark, loud and heavy and if you're bored by the numerous "sweety" albums that we are able to find in our stores nowadays, I think that you should have a look on "Theatre Of The Damned", I'm quite sure that you'll understand why I'm saying that the band deserves to be known. All in all, if you like bands like Iced Earth and believe that it can be mixed with Saxon then you'll love Blitzkrieg.

"Theatre Of The Damned" is composed of cool catchy songs and all those songs are perfect to headbang. However I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed by the production of the album. The sound is a bit weak and too low in general and sometime you'll have the feeling that you're listening to an album which was recorded during the 80's. It's not really problematic but as you can understand it's a bit sad for the band because for sure they deserve some better means of production and with a perfect sound, "Theatre Of The Damned" could become a real classic…

Except this little problem with the production, "Theatre Of The Damned" is a great album of Heavy Metal. If you like "angry" Heavy, please have a look on this classy release. Blitzkrieg is composed of some talented musicians and a great singer Mr Brian Ross and I still don't understand why they didn't find any more success. It must change now and "Theatre Of The Damned" must be your revelation!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 22.08.2007



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22.08.2007 - 17:44
Baz Anderson
indeed. I would be interested in hearing this album - I bought the last album they released and they put on a good show at Wacken
I guess they just were never the "big thing" like Saxon were around 1980 and 1981 or Iron Maiden a few years after..
22.08.2007 - 19:33
Rosetta Stoned
What an epic title and coverart xD
Escape from the Village is great otherwise I am no big fan of this band ^^ their most famous song has the intro riff stolen from Hocus Pocus by Focus... they're atleast a bit the same
22.08.2007 - 20:46
Baz Anderson
Written by Spyroid on 22.08.2007 at 19:33

What an epic title and coverart xD
Escape from the Village is great otherwise I am no big fan of this band ^^ their most famous song has the intro riff stolen from Hocus Pocus by Focus... they're atleast a bit the same

part one of "Escape From The Village" is on this album.. telling us how he gets to the village.
hahaha - that is what he told us live, and then they did both songs together
23.08.2007 - 05:49
I only know their self-titled song that Metallica covered & I think it's great. I probably won't get around to checking this out though...

Just a little English tip Jeff, "is composed by" strictly means "is written/arranged by", showing control. In the final paragraph you're talking about contents or components so it should say "is composed of". You could also use "comprises", which gets confused by a lot of English-natives who use the phrase "is comprised of" - which is incorrect
deaththrashdeath/doom/prog ‡ Hail Zoldon!

he's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays
23.08.2007 - 11:39
Yeah, heard them in Wacken and they were quite good. Maybe I should get the new album.
23.08.2007 - 11:51
Freaky Admin
Thx for the tip Syk, it's fixed
Come with us to Hellfest 2011!
31.12.2011 - 05:09
I recently bought Theatre of the Damned and couldn't believe this band floated under my radar for so long. What a fantastic album!! Some of the finest heavy metal I've heard in years!

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