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Hacksaw To The Throat - Wastelands review


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Band: Hacksaw To The Throat
Album: Wastelands
Release date: July 2007

01. Breaking Point
02. Wastelands
03. Divide By Zero
04. The Descent
05. Erebus
06. Obsidian Sun
07. Cascading Down
08. Destroying The Vile Red Falcon
09. Whisper Perfect Lies

Here we have another band that made some great music and has now unfortunately had to put an end to it all. Hacksaw To The Throat although having a name that might make you think twice about giving them a go played really quite an original kind of metal, in an area that not too many bands seem to have explored thus far. The music is progressive grindcore and it sounds like we have some metalcore/hardcore influences in here as well with the screaming vocals, etc.

So there isn't much else to compare with in this area apart from maybe !T.O.O.H.! to which they do sound similar in some places, but without comparisons if it sounds good, then it is good - that is the most important thing, and this does sound good. Lets touch on the structure of the album a bit first though, and then I can explain more about its content. Unlike many extreme extreme metal albums this is a long album at nearly seventy minutes, and to raise your eyebrow once more we have two tracks over the ten-minute mark, one of them being the second track on the album. It seems like a rather odd place to put this song to me because it really drags down the tempo of the album after its explosive start. And so because of it's length, also unlike many other extreme bands, the songs are all quite lengthy as well, them all being over five minutes and most lurking around the seven, eight, nine minute mark.

So now we know what sort of length the album and its contents are, I can continue to build your mental puzzle of the album with its content. You will be hoping, like I was, that with such long tracks they will be able to keep you constantly entertained, and to cut it short, this will entertain some people a lot but also some other people it might be a matter of genre tastes with how they mix the progressive grindcore parts and the hardcore parts, and as well as that the album some times dips into slow piano, atmosphere building mode and this might also break the chain holding people's attention at the album. This is how it is, the album is of very good quality and there is no doubt that the musicians involved here are talented indeed as well as great production included here and all the other things that usually contribute towards a complete album. But at times this can be a little frustrating to listen to if you are like me and just want the band to get onto the next fast paced, explosion of progressive excellence. The band are good, they really do have their moments where you will find yourself impressed with what you are hearing, and of course these are the best parts of the album, but also when they are not blast-beating our ears into oblivion they are slowing things down and screaming at us, the hardcore side that I personally would rather not hear.

Most tracks here on this album have both of these main elements, the fast paced and technical progressive grindcore type stretches that entice your ears and keep them pointing towards the speakers, but also the other side being the hardcore screaming and slow-paced passages that drag the whole pace of the album down. Don't let this put you off at all if you like the sound of both these elements, you will love this album, and even myself that will only listen to this album again in the future for these aggressive explosions of extreme progressive metal finds this album quite intriguing. This is definitely something that you should check out if anything in this review has made your ears stand up, you may find yourself thoroughly enjoying it.


Written on 23.08.2007 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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23.08.2007 - 17:56
Even I like 2 songs so far
*All Blood Runs The Same*

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