Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained review


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Band: Anubis Gate
Album: Andromeda Unchained
Release date: August 2007

01. Freak Storm At Post Zeta... One Child Missing...
02. Snowbound
03. Waking Hour
04. Andromeda Unchained
05. Banished From Sector Q
06. Beyond Redemption
07. Resurrection Time
08. Escape Pod
09. This White Storm Through My Mind
10. The Final Overture
11. Take Me Home
12. Point Of No Concern
13. The End Of Millenium Road
14. The Stars Of Canis Minor

Anubis Gate comes from Denmark and even if it's the first time that I hear something about them, I can already tell you that it will not be the last one. With their new album "Andromeda Unchained", the combo releases an impressive album of Power Progressive Metal which will be, let's be honest, the real beginning of a promising career. Be sure that you'll not miss it!

The music of "Andromeda Unchained" is dark with a lot of different ambiances. All the songs on the album are really different and yes, this is not a linear album and that's a great thing for me. The music is a mix between Power Metal and Prog a la Andromeda (the Swedish combo), it's really efficient and even if it's clearly "prog" the songs are all really "intelligent" and never become some kind of musical demonstrations, "Andromeda Unchained" is easy of access without being weak and easy. But the album is also really varied, I mean that you will find mid-tempo songs, like fast ones or ballads like "Take Me Home" (the singer on this one is the bassist, and he is great!). It's a real pleasure to listen to this album and for sure it will be one new big surprises of the year 2007.

Without being a concept album, "Andromeda Unchained's" topics talk about human being condition and I have to say that the lyrics are really well-written. The production is perfect and I clearly think that the band should find a real success with this release. The musicians of Anubis Gate are great, their singer is perfect for their music and they all know how to write real Progressive songs.

"Andromeda Unchained" is a great surprise! This album is really complex without being hard to understand. All the ones who like good Progressive Metal but who don't like elitist music will love this album. "Andromeda Unchained" is full of hits and I think that Anubis Gate will be able now to conquer the European market and let's hope that they will confirm this positive review as soon as possible. Just classy…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 24.08.2007



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24.08.2007 - 12:33
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
The Jacob Hansen on vocals here is that the same Jacob Hansen who is renowned for his productions?
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

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24.08.2007 - 12:47
Freaky Admin
Come with us to Hellfest 2011!
25.08.2007 - 07:28
And the same Jacob Hansen who is the latest singer in Beyond Twilight?
25.08.2007 - 12:36
Freaky Admin
Yes it's him!
Come with us to Hellfest 2011!
30.08.2007 - 00:07
Damn, I saw the album title and I thought this was going to be some awesome Nocturnus-influenced sci-fi death metal. Progressive metal isn't really my taste, so I'll just browse away...
16.10.2007 - 21:35
Jason W.
"All the ones who like good Progressive Metal but who don't like elitist music will love this album." -- What a great statement about this album! It's exactly how I feel after listening to it now two times It's always been a problem for me to like progressive metal, but this CD makes me forget about the last 20 CDs that I've heard that disappointed me. Thanks for the review
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
03.11.2007 - 08:11
i'm 2 minutes from finishing this CD for the first time and i have to admit i'm highly impressed. this is prog-power at it's finest.
02.12.2007 - 22:39
Raziel X
Hey, this album does deserve much better score than 8! I would maybe give it 9/10. It is an extremely fluent and comfortable listen, with strong vocals, catchy, yet proggy melodies. I didnt know their music, but since there are so many positive reviews on this album, I decided to buy it, and it was hell worth a buy! On the first day I listened to it 4-5 times!
11.06.2013 - 01:16
A friend of mine gave me this album by mistake.. the best mistake he ever made! I'm from Ecuador and maybe I would never have listened to their music but I found one of the finest bands of prog metal out there.. EXCELLENT! 9/10!

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