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Band: Darzamat
Album: Live Profanity (Visiting The Graves Of Heretics)
Release date: July 2007

Metalmania 2007:

01. Intro
02. Labyrinth Of Anxiety
03. The Burning Times
04. Fistful Of Ashes
05. Hallucinations
06. Blackward
07. Vampiric Prose
08. The Old Form Of Worship
09. Recurring Yell
10. Demise
11. Diabelski Dom cz.II

Winternachtstraum Festival 2007:

12. Intro
13. Blackward
14. Vampiric Prose
15. Era Aggression
16. Labyrinth Of Anxiety
17. Hallucinations
18. The Burning Times
19. Fistful Of Ashes
20. The Old Form Of Worship
21. Storm

Bonus video:

    1 - The Burning Times
    2 - Era Aggression
    3 - In Red Iris

Bonus audio:

    4 - Equinox
    5 - Storm 2005

Also includes:

    6 - Photo gallery
    7 - Band history
    8 - Discography
    9 - Desktop images
    10 - Weblinks
    11 - Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Darzamat is a famous band from Poland but I don't know why I've never managed to like a lot their music. For sure some of their songs are good but in general this is a bit average and the first reason of this problem is that the band, in my opinion, never found the way to find its own music. I mean that it's a bit like if they're still searching their sound and of course it's a bit problematic. As always with Metal Mind, the first DVD of Darzamat is exceptionally professional but not fascinating too in reason of the music of the combo.

That's the Metal Mind productions mark, this new DVD is extremely good. That's simple it was also recorded at the last Metal Mania Festival in Poland and all the bands which chose to record DVD there got the same treatment which was as you already probably know extremely good. But if the quality of the DVD is perfect I cannot say that the performance of Darzamat was amazing. Well, to be honest I think that the band played a good show, I mean that they were at home (don't except to understand what they said to the crow if you're not Polish) and gave the maximum with a lot of enthusiasm but except some good songs, the general level of the set-list was a bit average. If you're a fan of Darzamat it will be ok of course but if you're not into their music this DVD will not help a lot to change your opinion about them, even if have to be honest, I think that the interpretations on the DVD are better than on CD, but it's the same songs and I still cannot find them so interesting because their mix of Death and Gothic Metal is a bit monotonous and basic unfortunately.

We have some good bonuses here, some videoclips some pictures of the band but also height songs recorded at the WinterNachtsTraum Festival 2007, and that's a lovely addition. Darzamat can be proud of the result of their first DVD, for sure Metal Mind did a really serious job one more time and the fans of the combo will have to buy this release if they don't want to miss something. I have nothing to add really if you like a band and if Metal Mind chooses to release a DVD of one of their concerts, you can go for it without any problem, the final product will be perfect (if the band manage to do a good performance of course) with a great realization with perfect images and of course a great sound.

If you like the music of Darzamat "Live Profanity (Visiting The Graves Of Heretics)" is a must my friends. You clearly have to like the music of the combo though if you want to fully enjoy this DVD but if you like Darzamat, I have nothing to say, this DVD is a must for you.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 18.09.2007



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24.09.2007 - 12:20
Jason W.
Hey thanks for reviewing this one I wasn't aware that they had a DVD release scheduled, so I'll be ordering it next time I do an online order Regarding their music, I only feel their "Transkarpatia" songs show the band's true potential - anything before that feels more like a band trying to discover itself. They've really worked to find their sound, and I think they've succeeded! I'm looking forward to seeing "The Burning Times" performed live!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

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