Rush - Vapor Trails review


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Band: Rush
Album: Vapor Trails
Release date: May 2002

01. One Little Victory
02. Ceiling Unlimited
03. Ghost Rider
04. Peaceable Kingdom
05. The Stars Look Down
06. How It Is
07. Vapor Trail
08. Secret Touch
09. Earthshine
10. Sweet Miracle
11. Nocturne
12. Freeze (Part IV Of "Fear")
13. Out Of The Cradle

Everybody thought Rush was over and that 1996's Test for Echo would be their last studio-album. Tragedy struck the life of Neil Peart [drums, lyrics] with the death of both his wife's and his daughter's within the same period of time. After a difficult stage of questions unanswered and search for his new self, Neil turned his life around and got back in touch with longtime members Geddy Lee [bass, vocals, keys] and Alex Lifeson [guitars] to resurrect Rush. Vapor Trails marks the return of the progressive rock masters from Canada.

Symbolically, the album opens with only drums, a statement that Neil Peart is back. And boy is he ever! While his lyrics have grown darker but also more epicurean, his drumming skills have remained top-of-the-game. With a Geddy clearly glad to be back doing what he does best [bass guitar madness!] and an Alex Lifeson resurrected on guitars, Rush new album is not a swan song but another statement of crafty musicianship and celebration of music.

All the elements of what made Rush a legendary band are once again present on this album, it is just another pleasure to be able to hear it all with a cleaner 21st century production. From ballads ['Sweet Miracle', 'How It Is'] to extreme progressive display ['One Little Victory', 'Peaceable Kingdom'], this record is varied and should fill any basic need a progressive rock fan would have, while teaching a few things to other listeners. Neil Peart and Geddy Lee are considered absolute masters in their respective instruments, and rightfully so.

For an insight into this album's lyrics, read Neil Peart's book "The Ghost Rider". It will shed light onto all the songs written for Vapor Trails.

Progressive rock fanatics will enjoy every song on this release, from slower tunes to more forceful anthems. Vapor Trails is a standout album, a release of energy kept inside for too long, both lyrically and musically. There was no doubt in my mind that Rush was not yet done, with such a return, a majestic world tour and fans raving about Vapor Trails, long life Rush!

Highlights: 'One Little Victory', 'Ghost Rider', 'The Stars Look Down', 'Vapor Trails', 'Secret Touch' and 'Sweet Miracle'.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8


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04.05.2013 - 11:09
The Psilosopher
One little Victory is such an amazing track which i first listened in NFS Hot Pursuit 2 as it was part of its in-game sountrack. Neil Peart's playing is really unbelievable on that track.

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