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Ashura - Legacy Of Hatred review


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Band: Ashura
Album: Legacy Of Hatred
Release date: 2007

01. The Cursed Seal
02. My Cold Fury
03. The Legacy Of Hatred
04. Eye Of The D.R.E.A.D
05. Funeral For The Desert
06. Might Is Right
07. Disaster
08. Black Blood
09. The Dark Choice
10. I Wish You Die
11. Matricide
12. Tears Of Blood
13. Rhammadanthys
14. Beyond Pain And Sacrifice

"Legacy Of Hatred" is the second album of the frenchies of Ashura. The first album of the band was a lovely mix of Grindcore and Death Metal and don't worry, "Legacy Of Hatred" will not be different! As always, the band plays a really technical Death Metal with Grindcore rhythms and vocals. This is not revolutionary but be sure of one thing, it works really well!

The recipe of Ashura is not so complex on a side. The band uses to play technical Death Metal with some touches of Grindcore (the speed of the double bass drums in addition to the voice of the singer). It's really well done and I like the fact that all the songs of the album have classy melodies (if you like guitars arpeggios in Death Metal, you'll be happy here!). So yes, "Legacy Of Hatred" is really melodic but in any way the album sound commercial, it's just Death Metal with classy melodies and I you want a mix of violence and technical music, I'm sure that you'll enjoy a lot this release. The riffs are powerful but always catchy, the grindcore voice of David Masson is damn effective and I will say it again one more time, the complex melodies produced by the lead guitarist are simply perfect. "Legacy Of Hatred" is a perfect album of melodic Death Metal (don't read Gothenburg Death a la In Flames, that's totally different). "Legacy Of Hatred" is an album of violent but technical Death Metal (with mega soli) and melodies that we could find in Thrash Metal albums.

"Legacy Of Hatred" is a damn good album of Death Metal which doesn't suffer of any problem with its production. For sure Ashura seems to be a lot more mature on this release and I even think that the songs are a lot deeper than the ones of "Dawn To Your Wasting Away" (the first and previous album of the band). If the band wanted to confirm that they're able to play great Death Metal, then they found the way to do it with their second album "Legacy Of Hatred".

If you like complex Death Metal and if you can stand Grindcore vocals, then "Legacy Of Hatred" is a must for you! Ashura is a real "riff machine" and I'm sure that all the people who like melodic Death will fall in love with this release. This is a great confirmation, let's see if Ashura will be able to confirm those words with their next album and of course, if "Legacy Of Hatred" will find a well deserved success. Give a chance to French Death Metal scene, a lot of you already love Benighted and I clearly think that Ashura could be your next favorite French band…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 08.10.2007



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08.10.2007 - 18:57
Darkside Momo
A good and varied album, worth checking out. Maybe a bit more melodic than Benighted...

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you" - Ray Bradbury

"I've lost too many years now
I'm stealing back my soul
I'm awake now"
Abney Park (Letter Between A Little Boy & Himself As An Adult)
05.05.2008 - 17:01
Been listening to it a lot lately. I'm a user and I definitly don't understand why this band as so few listeners, this album is really enjoyable and I read (very) good reviews only about it. Definitly underrated or lack of promotion.

Whatever the problem is, more people should listen to it.

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