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Kragens - Infight review


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Band: Kragens
Album: Infight
Release date: 2007

01. Deaf And Blind
02. Lake Of Fire
03. Angels Among Monsters
04. Tyranny Of God
05. Ten Treasons We Fight
06. The Falling Man
07. Only The Weak Survive
08. Mask Of The Damned
09. Metalize

If there is a French band which never disappoints me, I will always give you one name, Kragens. I still don't understand how this band isn't more famous because with a lot of honesty I can tell you that it's one of our best combos (and without being a pro French bands, really it's one of the best European combos of the Power Metal scene). All the people who like "angry" American Power must have a look on their whole discography, Kragens is a riff machine a real killer!!!

I'm extremely proud one more time to do the review of the new album of Kragens, first because it's one of the most interesting French bands, but also because it's a way for me to present to you a band which really deserves to be known. I don't know if you use to listen to Power but if you think that real good Power Metal means Hammerfall or Sonata Arctica then I'm sorry to tell you that you'll be disappointed by "Infight". No, you'll not find here any "flower" choruses no, it's not a kind of Epic boring Power Metal, Kragens plays Power with balls, Power like Iced Earth or even Nevermore (without their crazy progressive side). "Infight" is an intelligent mixing of Thrash Metal with Power/Heavy and damn it's good to listen to such music. The riffs are loud and heavy, the choruses are strong and powerful the voice of Renaud Espeche (a kind of thrashy and hoarsy Heavy metal voice) is still amazing and as always the technical level of the album is damn impressive. That's simple Kragens is this kind of band which can mix the high technical level (when you'll listen to the soli you'll understand why) and melodies of Heavy Metal with the Power of Thrash. "Infight" is violent but super catchy and always really melodic, just listen to a song "Tyranny Of God" and you'll quickly understand why I'm so enthusiast.

Even if the new album is the first one without Ludwig Laperche (now replaced by Gilles Giachino) I don't think that the band has lost any power or quality in its songs interpretation. Kragens is still the same riff machine and the new album doesn't suffer of any comparisons with the two previous releases. Though, my only little reproach maybe is that (even if they're all great!) we don't have any songs as good as "Seed Of Pain" (featured on "Seeds Of Pain") which is cult in my opinion. "Infigth" is solid as a rock and just confirm that Kragens doesn't lose any power and good ideas album after album.

If you like classy angry Power Metal, if you like Nevermore or Iced Earth, the whole discography of Kragens is for you! Don't be shy, we have great bands in France too so please have a look on this release as soon as possible and please help me to spread the good words about this excellent combo. Kragens deserves to be known all around the world, so listen to me now and give a chance to these Metal killers. Thumb-up one more time to Kragens one of the few bands which never disappoints their fans in any way!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.10.2007



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11.10.2007 - 00:23
Der Meister
Account deleted
Seeds Of Pain is a fucken classic indeed! This new album is highest on my current to-get-list.
11.10.2007 - 11:15
Yeah Seeds Of Pain is truly an amazing power metal album. I have to listen to this new album, if it's half as good as the previous one it will be one of the tops of the year.
12.10.2007 - 09:08
Jason W.
Well I've had the chance to listen to both the band's '05 disc and this new one, and I prefer the new one all the way. The new one focuses on more uptempo riffs, and less chunky riffing which (for me) bores me and loses my interest. This new CD, however, keeps my attention from beginning to end, and I oddly feel like a touch of Grave Digger has worked into this release (?). Thanks for the review, I doubt I'd have heard them in the US anytime soon...
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
16.12.2007 - 00:12
Account deleted
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