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Band: Maeder
Album: Maeder
Release date: 2007

01. Never Last
02. Another Thing Comin'
03. Future Story
04. No Grass Is Greener Than Your Own
05. Business In Me
06. Night And Day
07. You're A Freak
08. You Make Me Die
09. It's All Good
10. Piece Of Me
11. White Pillow
12. Give Away

Maeder comes from Australia and plays a kind of mix between Hard Rock and Southern Rock. Their music is not really original that's right but all in all "Maeder" is a nice release especially if you use to listen to Hard Rock and Hard FM. Full of great choruses and without lacking of rhythm, this album is a nice "refreshing" release of old school music.

Maeder is a "cool" band and their music is a nice mix of US Hard FM with the Australian touches a la Rose Tattoo. I must confess that I like a lot this kind of music, I like its spirit I like the "Rock n Roll" guitars riffs that we can find in such kind of albums and I like the bluesy voice of the singer. If you like Hard Rock I'm sure that you'll like a lot this release which is full of potential hits. But when I'm talking about hits, I'm talking about radio hits because let's be honest, even if the music of Maeder is really good, the band flirts also with the last compositions of Aerosmith which means: a lot of "popy" ballads and slow. It's the main problem of the album in my opinion, the "heavy" songs like "Another Thing Comin'" are excellent and really catchy but some others (ballads) "Night And Day" could be on the Armageddon soundtrack and I don't even talk about a song like "Future Story" which could be on the last Coldplay. Yes, "Maeder" is a bit strange on a side, some of the songs are really Rock N Roll and definitely excellent and some others are just Pop songs (good one though but still that's Pop…).

The production of "Maeder" is really good. It's easy to listen to all the instruments and I have to say that I really like the way how the guys play their music. There is something behind the guitars riffs, the drums and the bass and it's easy to hear that these guys know what "Rock" means. Also, Nic Maeder (the singer) has a really good voice (a bit similar to the one of Steven Tyler) and it's perfect for the music of Maeder. This album is well done and only suffers of a little incoherence between the songs sometime…

If you like good Hard and aren't afraid of ballads, this album will be a must for you. Maeder is a good band with some good musicians but I hope that they will be able to add some "anger" in their future albums. Ballads are cool but when your music is a bit too much soft and too Popy it's not Hard Rock (yes, you know what I mean, Hard Rock is played by bad boys, not by "lovers") anymore! Though this is a good debut and with time I think that Maeder will be able to surprise us a bit more.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.10.2007


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