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Band: Prong
Album: Power Of The Damager
Release date: October 2007

01. Looking For Them
02. No Justice
03. Third Option
04. Pure Ether
05. Power Of The Damager
06. The Banishment
07. Worst Of It
08. Spirit Guide
09. Messages Inside Of Me
10. Can't Stop The Bleeding
11. Bad Fall
12. Changing Ending Troubling Times

Tommy Victor is a friend of Al Jourgensen and Tommy Victor is like a real official member of Ministry now. But Tommy also plays in a famous American combo, Prong. "Power Of The Damager" is their new album and as always with the band, you'll be able to listen to some good old mix of modern powerful Thrash mixed with industrial rhythms and sonorities. It's not Ministry too, Prong is a Thrash Metal band first but the rhythm of all their songs are really mechanics and on a side "binary" and you know what? It's really good…

"Power Of The Damager" will not disappoint the fans of the combo. One more time Tommy Victor as written twelve good songs. As always with Prong the songs of this new album are synonyms to mega catchy rhythms, I mean that it's maybe not so complex and a bit repetitive but damn it's good to listen to that especially if you like to headbang. The mix of Thrash and American Hardcore with Industrial rhythms is really well done here and I can already tell you that some songs like "No Justice" or "Looking For Them" will be amazing live and will create some furious mosh pits! Also the good point of "Power Of The Damager" and of Prong in general is that the band always has some really groovy songs. "Worst Of It" is a good example of the ability of the band to create the famous "headbang", the song is melodic with some strong vocals and its chorus is fucking dancing, be sure that you'll want to jump like an idiot when you'll listen to it (like all the other songs of the album actually…).

"Power Of The Damager" is a good album which doesn't suffer of any problem with its production. It's not clean as water too maybe but it's not really problematic because Prong's albums must have a direct and rough sound which gives power to the music in my opinion and here that's perfectly done. Even after a long career Tommy Victor is still able to creat zand play great music and his two mates Monte Pittman and Aaron Rossi are really convincing too. Really if you like Prong you'll like this album but on the other hand, don't expect anything new here, it's good Prong but it's classic Prong.

Prong is still the same good band and their original Thrash is as always really good. If you like American music definitely this is new album will be for you. I hope now that Tommy Victor will follow this road and will still release a lot of albums in the future. If you like Prong "Power Of The Damager" will satisfy your expectations because one more time, without taking any risk that's right, the band proves that they're still here years after years…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 23.10.2007



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23.10.2007 - 14:19
hi-fi / lo-life
i respectfully disagree with this review. "Power Of The Damager" has a handful of good moments but otherwise it is criminally mediocre and a bit of a disappointment for Prong fans. This albums is nothing compared to Prong's best releases from the past.
23.10.2007 - 17:32
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
I agree with Jups on this one. Doesn't even come close to Primitive Origins, Prove You Wrong, Beg To Differ, and Force Fed for me.
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Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

21.11.2009 - 05:24
I like the album a lot. It's better than Scorpio Rising.....
09.02.2015 - 02:31
I like this album but I always thought Scorpio Rising was underrated. Believe it or not it was the first album I got and loved. To me It was never as bad as people said it was but that's just me. I actually enjoyed the very hard heavy hitting guitar riffs and harsh growling vocals from Tommy in that album. I think the same thing pretty much happens in this album. It also has a hardcore like feel to it.

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