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Band: The Grieving Process
Album: Assimilated Deformation
Release date: 2007

01. Intro
02. World Breaker
03. Hunger For The Dead
04. Home Movies
05. Terminated
06. Onslaught
07. The Opposing View
08. Twilight Of '68

"Assimilated Deformation" is the first album of a new band from USA, The Grieving Process. This band, like a ton of other ones nowadays, plays Brutal Death Metal and if I cannot say that it's a bad Death Metal, I have to tell you that it's extremely classic and definitely not original. The problem of The Grieving Process is that they're not a bad band but their first album is so basic and conventional that I cannot see how some people here will find a real interest in this release. Why would you buy a CD that you probably have already in your CD collection?

"Assimilated Deformation" suffers of some serious problems. Musically speaking it's not so bad, I mean that The Grieving Process is a correct band of Brutal Death Metal and their songs aren't bad played but damn I have the feeling that I got the same album a lot of time the past. "Assimilated Deformation" is a classic release of Brutal Death with strong riffs brutal vocals and rhythms and unfortunately all the songs are a bit similar. If you add that the band didn't invent anything new, I'm sorry to say that only some few true fans of Brutal Death will find a real interest in the release. You know what, nobody can blame the musicians of The Grieving Process, they're good guys who know how to play Brutal Death but their compositions are so unoriginal that this album is boring after two listening. It will probably be better with time and some better inspirations but right now there is nothing special in this release and I will not recommend you to buy it before that you try it at least.

The other big problem of this release is its length. I know it's a trend for all the Brutal Death and Grindcore bands to produce really short albums but here, we're near of the joke. When you have a look on the price of the CDs and know that this release has a length of only 25 minutes, I'm sorry but it's not normal. We're more into the EP format than anything else but it's a first official album and God, its length with the fact that all the songs sound similar is just horrible. All the ones who will buy this album without reading reviews about it will have some bad surprises unfortunately…

Let's give a chance to The Grieving Process. This is not a bad band of Brutal Death Metal but I really think that they will have to think a bit about their music in the future. If they can add a bit of personality and if they can write songs (or at least albums) a bit longer, it should be ok. Right now there is nothing to add anymore, if you want to buy all the Brutal Death Metal releases on Earth, "Assimilated Deformation" can be something for you but if you already have enough of those kinds of releases, then wait a bit and have a look on the future releases of the combo.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 03.11.2007



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04.11.2007 - 20:10
Perpetual Ascent
Yeah, i heard this album somewhere. Nothing special...
05.11.2007 - 05:29
Ahhhh you're very right, this brings nothing new, the guitar riffs are absolutely worthless, and the snare drum sounds worse than St. Anger.

One more English tip - "classic" can sometimes mean "typical or unspectacular" but its primary meaning in English is for something that is of high class, value or importance, for example 'Judgement' or 'Seventh Son'. So it seems wrong to use it when speaking about this release
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