Vendetta - Tyranny Of Minority review


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Band: Vendetta
Album: Tyranny Of Minority
Release date: September 2007

01. Archangel
02. Generation Kill
03. I Executioner
04. Doorways Of The Mind [Transcendence Pt.1]
05. Golden Boy
06. Red Skies
07. Plastic God
08. Bones To Dust
09. Lost Cause
10. All Fall Down
11. No Safe Hole
12. Window Of The Soul [Transcendence Pt.2]

Vendetta are an English heavy metal band, hailing from the very north of the country these guys play heavy metal how it should be played, the good old traditional way. Think of the heavy metal from around the 70's and 80's, think Judas Priest and such bands and you will be sniffing quite close to the style Vendetta brings to the table.

"Tyranny Of Minority" is an impressive album, this is an album of catchy guitar riffs, stomping drums to tap your foot or bang your head to, and all other things that encompass a traditional metal album. It isn't the most complex or enthralling album I have heard in a while, but one of the things that make this such an impressive album is that Vendetta formed just last year, and "Tyranny Of Minority" is their debut. The album is produced perfectly, guitars sounding metallic as ever, vocals soaring cleanly over the top and thundering drums pounding the background, it all sounds very professional when we kick into the album with "Generation Kill" and "I Executioner".

These are two great songs to start the ball rolling with very melodic, traditional metal with a catchy, almost groovy tune, but unfortunately after this imposing start the album tends to start drifting away a little. A solo in "Golden Boy" would make you think back to the old days and also "Plastic God" is one of the highlights of the album, this track has such a heavy riff and also sports a thrilling guitar solo. It would seem the ball has started rolling once more, new life has absorbed into the album, "Bones To Dust" picks the pace up a little with stabbing guitar work and a little more drum action like we have all wanted to hear all the way through this album.

Vendetta after just this, their first album, sound an accomplished band. Everything sounds right on "Tyranny Of Minority", the guitars are the main focus that more often than not unleash some stomping riff and back this up with a soaring guitar solo in the second half of the song. Edward Box does a good job with his singing but there is not a huge range here, also the drums for the entirety of the album seem over simplified. Even though Vendetta excel with the most important aspect for a traditional metal band, the guitars, you may find yourself mentally trying to push them along and speed things up or show a little bit of variety, a little diversity. The odd speedier song would not go out of place and would certainly liven the album up quite a degree.

If you love your metal the good old way, if you think the 70's Judas Priest albums are the best ones then you should consider pointing your ears towards "Tyranny Of Minority". Vendetta bring to the table with their very first album a water-tight heavy metal album that will have you tapping your foot and you just won't realise it. This is an album for people that do not think being the fastest and having the longest guitar solos make the band. "Tyranny Of Minority" is a modern album from a time long ago.


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04.11.2007 - 20:56
Queen Of Hippies
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I don't think I'll check that out any soon. But I think it'll be good to remember their name. If their debut is as good as you said, we might hear about it in a positive way in the future.

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