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Resistance - Patents Of Control review

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Band: Resistance
Album: Patents Of Control
Release date: October 2007

01. Inhumanation
02. End Of Today
03. Ashes Of Tomorrow
04. One Nation Under G.O.D.
05. Confession Of The Blackheart
06. Paternal Shift
07. Cerebral Screams
08. Technochrist
09. The Cleansing
10. The Alpha & The Omega
11. Mirrors Black

This is how heavy metal should be! Wild guitar solos, pure and unadulterated use of the double bass drums, and a guy screaming over the top of it all. This is Resistance from the United States and they are out to make an impression. This is modern heavy metal biting at the very top level, strong thrash metal and power metal influences are to be found lurking within the band's beast of a second album "Patents Of Control".

Resistance know how to write songs and they know how to pull them off in blistering fashion, no need for a pointless introduction track - "Inhumanation" kicks the album off right away with a soaring guitar solo and furious flurry of double bass chaos which also sets the trend for the second track of the album. "Ashes Of Tomorrow" shows a slightly different dimension, a slightly slower more singing oriented song but still with its moments of double bass terror and guitar solo paradise. "One Nation Under G.O.D." shows singer Robbie Hett's voice to it's best strengths with a typical American accent singing in a very rock 'n' roll style, not just this track but the whole album he exerts a very strong, confident performance after you adjust to his slightly different sounding voice.

The main trend of "Patents Of Control", its backbone, are these pounding drums, unrelenting double bass always accompanied by crushing, stabbing Iced Earth or even "Jugulator" Judas Priest era guitar riffs to give a fantastic groove to really get your head into, of course the formula is not complete without the odd guitar solo swinging its way into the picture.

"Paternal Shift" like most of the tracks on the album is introduced with the truly heavy metal guitar/bass drum combination, and also features some disturbing, extreme guest vocals that really bring the track out. Resistance really are not afraid to use the bass drums, "Technochrist" has the usual generous amount but the intensity picks up to the highest on the album when "The Cleansing" powers its way in to reach the frenzying climax of the album, reaching speeds unlike anything else on the album. A huge highlight of the album, it is a very Testament-like thrash song with the more traditional metal style vocals on top.

"Patents Of Control" is a rock-solid album of intense, thrash influenced heavy metal. Robbie Hett's vocals may take a short while to get used to, and also the band might tend to lose a little bit of momentum in the middle parts of some songs, but finding problems with this album is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. The album is produced cleanly to ensure we receive the full sonic experience of the thundering, pummelling of drums and the chugging of the stabbing guitar riffs.

If you like your metal heavy, and you love the sweet sound of pedals thumping bass drum skin, then these fifty minutes of "Patents Of Control" will be one of the most pleasurable ones you will have encountered in a measurable amount of time. The most impressive modern heavy metal album I have heard in a long time, you should all find yourselves running to check Resistance out now!


Written on 07.11.2007 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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07.11.2007 - 15:13
Queen Of Hippies
Account deleted
Ok, sounds interesting. I'll add it on my "to listen to" list, which is too long at the moment. But isn't there any negative points that you could have noticed when listening to the album? All this sounds too good to be true .
07.11.2007 - 17:04
Winter is Coming
Sounds good, I have been trying to find new bands to listen to, good timing for this review I am swinging by a CD shop this evening, I hope I can find a copy of this CD available there.
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Ser Jorah Mormont
07.11.2007 - 18:14
This album goes directly to my "to listen to" sounds like they're worth a try

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
07.11.2007 - 22:00
Sounds good, gonna look into them sometime
09.11.2007 - 15:57
Written by Guest on 07.11.2007 at 15:13

All this sounds too good to be true .

Trust me, this band can deliver
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28.07.2012 - 06:08
I haven't listened too much to Heavy Metal before, but I found it to be an average-good album. Perhaps it's the sound, I'm not sure, but it all sounds too similar. There are some very nice hooks here and there, but not enough for me to keep an interest.
17.06.2013 - 21:57
Good review! Would of been good to have a bit more information on what makes the singers voice "different" but it piqued my intrest enough to make me give it a listen to on spotify. Knew as soon as first minute of inhumanation that I would like it!
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