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Band: Helloween
Album: Master Of The Rings
Release date: 1994

Disc I
01. Irritation (Weik Editude 112 In C)
02. Sole Survivor
03. Where The Rain Grows
04. Why?
05. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)
06. Perfect Gentleman
07. The Game Is On
08. Secret Alibi
09. Take Me Home
10. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat
11. Still We Go
12. Can't Fight Your Desire [Japan Edition bonus]
13. Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 (In D-Doll) [Japan Edition bonus]

Disc II [2006 Expanded Edition]
01. Can't Fight Your Desire
02. Star Invasion
03. Cold Sweat [Thin Lizzy cover]
04. Silicon Dreams
05. Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 (In D-Doll)
06. I Stole Your Love [KISS cover]
07. Closer To Home [Grand Funk cover]

After a couple of vain attempts (Pink Bubbles Go Ape and Chameleon) and the forced departure of lead singer Michael Kiske, Helloween came back to life with "Master Of The Rings", and they did it in a good way. Andi Deris is a solid replacement for Michael Kiske and adds a fresh twist to the German combo. On the other hand, virtuoso drummer Uli Kusch (ex Gamma Ray and Ingo's replacement) adds the fury and the speed.

"Sole Survivor", "Where The Rain Grows " and "Perfect Gentleman" are metal highlights, so are "The Game Is On" and "Secret Alibi". There are also hard rocking tunes like the catchy "Why?" and a great ballad "In The Middle Of A Heart Beat". Here they're also trying with some epic writing like "Mr. Ego", not the best epic song they have ever done so far but it's a valid attempt if we're willing to be fair. Master Of The Rings doesn't have a dark atmosphere like subsequent releases. The guitar work is remarkable here, compact and professional. Weikath and Grapow forgot about past problems and started to create some memorable riffs (if you listen to Sole Survivor, you will know what I'm talking about).

Some people have said this is the best line up Helloween ever had. Well, it's hard to draw conclusions about that subject, but these guys know how to perform good metal and that's all we should care about. It's a competent album, fast, heavy and melodic. The production is not as brilliant as it is in "Better Than Raw" or "The Dark Ride" but you can't resist its appeal. It's indispensable, a must have.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by Dowi | 13.12.2007


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13.12.2007 - 04:54
good review, i totally agree with you... this album the reborn of Helloween after Pink Bubbles and Chameleon
13.12.2007 - 05:01
Southern Wind
Account deleted
The first part of this album is the best ever written by Helloween, but after Mr. Ego it becomesd horrible
13.12.2007 - 21:18
Angel of Lust
Very good album indeed, and I agree with Kincaid, it's the great rising after Pink with a great Deris...

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft
16.03.2008 - 16:55
I think it is the best album that's ever done with Deris, in fact, I love each song on the album and I wouldn't hesitate to call it a masterpiece!
20.01.2017 - 00:32
Bad English
Written by H-MetalHamster on 16.03.2008 at 16:55

I think it is the best album that's ever done with Deris, in fact, I love each song on the album and I wouldn't hesitate to call it a masterpiece!

nehative, last 3 was much much better whit him
This is worst album by this band... pop rock
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