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Faloide - Theories Of Decadence review

Band: Faloide
Album: Theories Of Decadence
Release date: June 2007

01. Dawn Of Reflexion
02. The Thinker
03. Our World
04. Brutalize My Enemies
05. Torments Of Century
06. Conditions
07. Last Theory

This is the typical "taking by surprise" demo (the band says EP, but it sounds like a demo, so I say demo). I like it when some unknown band coming out of nowhere (a.k.a. the far North of France) just tramples you down senseless. I like it all the more when this particular unknown band out of nowhere throws all its rage into reviving memories of the old days from 20 years ago.

Old school's not dead, and Faloide definitely prove so with this "Theories Of Decadence". The funny thing is that while sounding really old school, Faloide do not sound old. Nor do they sound typical of any late 80's-early 90's scene. The thing is, they borrowed a bit from about every movement that existed back then, so they sound like all of them at the same time, but no 'current' wins it over any other. Especially on "The Thinker" and "Our World", you'll recognize the pounding, evil slow-motion death embodied by Obituary (especially the raw, organic sound of the guitars remind of the Floridian masters) and the Swedish Autopsy. That is for the most obvious inspirations.

Then you can sit down and play a very fun "name the band" game with your friends. For sure you will find, for instance, Morbid Angel, Death, Immolation or Dying Fetus; some passages will make you go "hey, I heard something like that on 'Effigy Of The Forgotten'" or "well, Entombed wouldn't have done this melodic part better". It would be a tedious listen if it sounded like a mere tribute. However, all these influences are very well merged into something that, though lacking personality - but keep in my mind that Faloide have hardly been around for more than three years-, does a hell of a great job at making you nod along. Besides, did you note a common feature of all the aforementioned bands? Yep, you're right, great, catchy guitarwork. Faloide definitely got this heritage. Every single song teems with really cool, massive and incisive riffs, nice solos and sometimes the odd yet interesting acoustic moment. As subtle as a herd of elephants going full speed, but goddamn efficient.

Faloide still need to fix a few things, like the production which is almost too underground and takes away much of the power of the music, or the sometimes awkward songwriting that kind of breaks the natural flow of some songs ("Last Theory"). But in a time when old bands who try to sound as old school as in their heyday end up being nothing more than a shadow of their past glory, I think it's great to see young bands that managed to recapture the flame that animated the pioneers of the genre. Actually, although it is far from perfect and not original at all, as far as fun and headbanging are concerned, this is one of the best demos I have heard this year.

Written by Deadsoulman | 01.12.2007



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01.12.2007 - 23:43
Queen Of Hippies
Account deleted
Ooooh.. you reviewed Faloide... Interesting... I've known them for a few months, and I think they're not bad at all, judging from their age and.. location . And, thank you for talking about the horrible production! It is one of the few, but the most important flaw of this "EP".

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