Illogo - When Liquids Stay Dry review

Band: Illogo
Album: When Liquids Stay Dry
Release date: 2007

01. Ogiva
02. Inaudita Altera Parte
03. When Liquids Stay Dry
04. Retina - Scan
05. Impercettibile
06. Krome Anagram And Silver Bodies
07. Stellar
08. Cenere
09. Agonia Delle Intenzioni
10. Logica

"Illogo" is in fact not really the name of the band that recorded this record. This Italian post-metal/post-core band seems to be quite bent on not having any name at all! (in fact there is no band name or even album title anywhere on the sleeve or disc). Illogo is merely a substitute, apparently. Now then, you'd expect a band that doesn't even want to have a name to be terribly non-conformist, right? Sadly, although their intentions are in the right place, When Liquids Stay Dry is a rather flawed record that ultimately doesn't leave a permanent mark.

The biggest problem with this record is the production. The band is clearly talented; however, the treble-heavy sound makes listening to their music all too similar to having holes carved into your skull with a rusty electric drill. Think Today Is The Day; however, Illogo is clearly not about shocking the bejeezus out of you and instead about intelligent, slow progressions, which makes the experience simply unpleasant. While indisputably heavy and extreme as hell, Illogo is nevertheless more about pained, yet contrived expression of emotion, immediately similar to last year's Home by Versus The Mirror. Now, this is the sort of production you should have aimed for, Illogo!

At the same time, When Liquids Stay Dry also deserves some praise. It is a downright bizarre record at times, as close as one can get to the term avant-garde without embodying it. Imagine what a very emotionally distressed chain saw would sound like, and the band gets surprisingly close to imitating this sound. There is strength in their convictions, and passion in the delivery. The song writing is not catchy enough, though, and without memorable hooks, its no surprise the junk-store production is as grating as it is. Illogo has the potential to be a terrifyingly mechanistic shoegaze post-core band; however, they fall short on this album. Better luck next time.


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03.12.2007 - 10:50
Nice cover though.
04.12.2007 - 01:39
I listened to a couple tracks on their site, I found the production pretty good. I mean, technically it's lacking somewhat, but it sounds like that's what they were going for.
04.12.2007 - 18:51
i didnt mind the music, actually found most of the tracks having a good tune, but the damn screeching vocals turned me away.
This site is great. FOR ME TO POOP ON.

reBubblefuckered !!!BAAAALEEETEEED!!!
06.12.2007 - 15:45
After checking their songs from their official site, I decide to put this album on my must-have stuff.

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