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Band: Saga
Album: 10 000 Days
Release date: 2007

01. Lifeline
02. Book Of Lies
03. Sideways
04. Can't You See Me Now?
05. Corkentellis [Instr]
06. More Than I Deserve
07. Sound Advice
08. 10.000 Days
09. It Never Ends

"10 000 Days" is the last official album of the Canadian combo Saga with their singer Michael Sadles. After more than 10 000 days together (you probably understand now how they chose the title of this "last" album…) Michael will stop to be the singer of the combo and his last show will be the 9 of December 2007. "10 000 Days" is a really classic album of Saga, there is nothing really new in this release but if you already like the combo, this is for you evidently.

I don't think that the fans of Saga will be disappointed by this new release. As always, the voice of Michael Sadles is damnly original and impressive, the guitars soli of Ian Crichton are damnly efficient and the "happy" keyboards melodies played by Jim Gilmour are still really cute and emotive. Saga plays progressive music a la 70's - 80's sauce, and "10 000 Days" will not be disturbing for you… That's principally the main problem of the album, despite two really boring ballads "10,000 Days" and "More Than I deserve" all the songs are catchy and more than correct but if you have a look on the whole discography of the combo, there is simply nothing new and surprising in this album. It's good Progressive Rock but without anything new so, sadly for this farewell, don't except to listen to THE best album of the Canadian band.

The production of "10 000 Days" is good, with as always this nice 70's sound and if you know Saga, you've probably seen already that the cover represent the head of this galactic ants that we can see in a lot of the covers of the combo. It's a nice end to finish this partnership between the band and their charismatic singer, not the best one for sure, it could be better, but if you like Saga and old school Progressive music, I think that you'll pass a good moment while you'll listen to this album.

Who know, maybe that the new singer will be able to add something different in the future music of Saga, I hope it because "10 000 Days" without being bad sounds a bit like an end of a road if you see what I mean… "10 000 Days" is a good album of progressive music though, that's just too bad that the band didn't find the way to be a bit more convincing and astonishing. The fans will be happy to listen to this album, the others will probably find some stuff for them but I recommend to them to check the other albums of the Saga's catalogue, there are better releases in this list.

Rating breakdown
Performance: -
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.12.2007



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13.12.2007 - 13:40
Totemic Lust
Wow, that ballad 10,000 days is great. And I love Wings For Marie (Pt. 1) as well.
31.12.2007 - 01:13
Doesn't Tool have the same name for their latest album?
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01.01.2008 - 11:01
Foetal Butchery
^^^^ yeh when i saw the review i thought, "isnt that by Tool"? but i guess they both got albums called that...
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