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Band: Sirenia
Album: At Sixes And Sevens
Release date: May 2002

01. Meridian
02. Sister Nightfall
03. On The Wane
04. In A Manica
05. At Sixes And Sevens
06. Lethargica
07. Manic Aeon
08. A Shadow Of Your Own Self
09. In Sumerian Haze

When Morten Veland left Tristania, and announced his new project, Sirenia, I remember I thought, "What's the deal with this guys and the -IA band names?" you know, Tristania, Sirenia… err, bad joke to start this review, well I'm not in the funny mood today.

Anyway, Tristania went their path and Sirenia followed the path of older Tristania, It could be said that At Sixes And Sevens is the logic continuation of "Beyond The Veil".
First of all, and as I always do, let's rate the cover art, because is just beautiful, I don't really know if is the female singer there, but is very sexy! Cover art got a 10 from here.

As for the music, like I said before, it follows the path left by Tristania (well, Morten was the main composer of Tristania), but I found the music a little more hard to digest than Tristania, to put it in a way, me and this record, wasn't love at first sight. I would dare to say that Sirenia is a little more "progressive" than Tristania, and maybe that's why I took so long to learn to love this album.

As any fan of Morten, I was eager to hear those growls again, and boy I was rewarded for my patience, songs like "On The Wane" and "In a Manica" blew me away from the first moment, all fits in their place after a while, the big choirs, the violin, the growls, the female voices, the clear male voices, all these elements intertwined in a pleasant bouquet of extreme sensations!

This an absolutely amazing album, and is recommended to all fans of Gothic Metal, but of course, I don't think there's not even one Goth Metal fan that haven't heard about Sirenia by now, nice band name choice by the way.

The only problem I have now is that we have 2 groups that are doing pretty much the same, in my opinion in next releases Tristania and Sirenia need to grow completely apart, so they can create their own style, because, despite some differences, sometimes you can swear you're hearing Tristania here.

I'm sorry that this has been a "comparative" review instead of a more in-depth one, but is obviously that comparisons are going to take place if you leave a band to create another project that follows the same line!

But fear not, because I can bet my kidney that everybody is loving this album, because, is an excellent album, a great debut from one a talented man. At Sixes And Sevens got a nine from me.

Written by Undercraft | 15.01.2004



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16.04.2007 - 19:59
Account deleted
this is a good point undercraft....But the difference in styles between both is the lack of instruments in sirenia i mean tristania have alotta session musicians of different instruments...even though of their great songs like meridian and on the wane and the best 2:At sixes and sevens and In sumerian haze morten made a great mistake leaving tristania....they would have done these songs in an unbelievable style like all their albums but too bad they had conflicts but still they have great stuff
18.04.2007 - 06:41
Bitch Boy
I don't know which album is better, if "An Elixir for Existence" or this one. This album is really great, and for me it sounds very different from what Morten did in Tristania. But I have to agree with SirenianFear, these song would have also sounded great played by Tristania.
25.08.2008 - 00:47
Metal Symphony
yeah it would be awesome if morten stayed with tristania and played these songs together!!!!!
What is the meaning of this conspiracy,
The conspiracy that God has offered me,
Clinging me to the hands of insanity,
Concealing me in a lifetime fond of misery.
13.10.2010 - 15:40
Great, great album. Very similar to 'An Elixir For Existence' though.
*insert something deep and profound*
14.10.2010 - 10:28
Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk
To Mega Therion
Except that it was recorded two years before that album

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