Sirenia - An Elixir For Existence review


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Band: Sirenia
Album: An Elixir For Existence
Release date: February 2004

01. Lithium And A Lover
02. Voices Within
03. A Mental Symphony
04. Euphoria
05. In My Darkest Hours
06. Save Me From Myself
07. The Fall Within
08. Star-Crossed
09. Seven Sirens And A Silver Tear

Norwegian Gothic master, Morten Veland (ex- Tristania) is back with his new band, Sirenia, and their second release, "An Elixir for Existence".
After being kicked out of Tristania, Morten in 2002 released Sirenia's first opus, "At Sixes And Sevens", which got very good critic worldwide (at the same time Tristania's last release, didn't get as much good words).
And now, two years later, their new one is here, and it's once again a very great album, composed by Mr. Veland.

Even if I, somehow, not getting into this album as much as I did with their first one, it's wrong to say it's not good, 'cause it really is.
And somehow, it feels like a natural successor to the first release, even if it's not getting up the same level.
The mighty choirs are there and the wonderful voice of Henriette and Morten's growls together with Kristian's clear voice, it's just masterful.
And the songs are so very well written, but still, something is missing, I don't know what, but I feel and hear that's something missing.

Morten have, as always, written songs like so few others can do.
A good way to see that, just listen to the second track on the album, "Voices Within", when Henriette is introduced, she coming into the song, like an Angel from the sky.
The music is fading down a bit, and she is singing the first lines, it's wonderful, both her voice and the way it's written.

One "bad" thing, is that there is no song that's really get stuck in your head, I mean, on the first record, "Sister Nightfall" is a song that you could walk around and sing on, even if you haven't heard the song for some days, but here, there it no such a song (Maybe that is what's missing?).
But to see overall, I guess this record might be a bit more solid than the other, no song that's better or worst than someone else.

So I guess you understand that it's hard to talk about specific songs here, at least, it's hard to talk about every song, but there is some, that's really have to be mention.
Like the first song, "Lithium And a Lover" that's one of the best, maybe THE best song of the album.
And here, as in the second song, Henriette is introduced in a very angelic way (Read above).
I would really want to her some more of her, I wish that Morten would let her sing some more Lead, not to much, but just some more, 'cause she got a really good voice.
Even it she gets a quite big part in the song "Save Me From Myself", I would like to have her more on some other tracks.

Another song, except the first two that I have to mention is the third, "A Mental Symphony", the chorus part it a really jewel, the song it self, is not so very special, but the chorus is the easiest part to sing a long with. Very catchy (in it's own way).
And the last song, "Seven Sirens And a Silver Tear" is really something, an instrumental song, (I'm don't lie if I say it's the best instrumental song I ever heard) with just a keyboard, that plays a slow and very angelic tune, that's almost brings tears in your eyes (I said almost), very nice song. The middle part of the song is a bit faster, the orchestral alike song it coming in stronger, but the song is keeping its emotional touch although.

So, let's sum the record one a few words.
It's a good record, but not as good as the debut, but still very good.
Morten have composed top-quality songs as always, and I don't think a fan of Tristania (the old) and the first Sirenia will be to disappointed with this.
But remember, it's till not top the debut.

Favourite Songs: "Lithium And a Lover", "Voices Within", "A Mental Symphony" & "Seven Sirens And a Silver Drop".

Written by Malcolm | 25.02.2004


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