Eternal Rest - The Four Winds Of Evilness review

Band: Eternal Rest
Album: The Four Winds Of Evilness
Release date: 2007

01. Victim Of Heresy
02. Le Retour
03. Satanic War
04. La Nuit Du Démon
05. Ange Ou Demon
06. Le Sang De Nos Ancêtres
07. Cyprinium
08. Malediction
09. Vampyr
10. Lycanthrope
11. L'Eternel Combat
12. In The Old Of...
13. The Four Winds Of Evilness

Even if the band plays Metal since 1996, "The Four Winds Of Evilness" is only the first album of the combo. This auto-production is a nice album of extreme Metal which mixes Thrash, Death and Black Metal. This is not super original and its production is a bit average but for a first release this is not bad at all. If Eternal Rest follows this way I think that some people will talk about them in France.

"The Four Winds Of Evilness" is varied because the album mixes a lot of different musical styles. From the fast rhythms of Thrash Metal to the anger of Black Metal and the big grunts of Death Metal, you're in front here of a nice mixing of different Metal. Also, "The Four Winds Of Evilness" doesn't lack of nice melodies and since that the band has three guitarists we have in general some good harmonies in the songs. It's not bad at all but let's be honest too, this is not really original and won't surprise you. If you like such kind of music it should be ok but don't expect anything new here.

The main problem of the release is its production. Even if "The Four Winds Of Evilness" is an official first album, the sound of this release sounds like the one of a demo. It's not impossible to listen to the CD but the mixing is really average and the drums aren't really well mixed. This is a bit sad because Eternal Rest has some nice melodies and it's not so easy to hear all the parts of the songs but let's hope that the band will be able to fix this problem in the future and in that case, it should be ok.

"The Four Winds Of Evilness" is only the first album of Eternal Rest and despite its really big classicism and its average production, this is a really honest album. With time and other official releases I'm sure that the band will be able to confirm my hopes. Right now "The Four Winds Of Evilness" sounds a bit more like a demo than a real album but if you like Extreme Metal with a lot of different influences I think that you'll like this release. Have a look on it, Eternal Rest is a band which deserve our support.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 5

Written by Jeff | 16.01.2008



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17.01.2008 - 09:24
Haha, there's a band from my hometown called Eternal Rest. They compose/record everything in MIDI haha.
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