Haieeta - Mvemjsun review

Band: Haieeta
Album: Mvemjsun
Release date: 2007

01. Dragonflies Terrain
02. Freeze The Flame
03. Haunted Gangster
04. White Knuckle
05. Telepathic Love
06. Residual Hill

Haieeta is a young band from Ireland and their first release "Mvemjsun" is an EP. This EP is a nice release of Stoner Doom Metal, seriously it seems that Ireland is specialized in this kind of music because every time that a band from this country releases something in this musical style, this is always really good. "Mvemjsun" is not perfect but it's an honest debut and I think that the band will be able to confirm this good impression when they will release their first album.

Even if the first song "Dragonflies Terrain" is a bit repetitive and not really deep, all the other songs of "Mvemjsun" are good songs of Stoner. This EP is a nice release full of nice heavy and loud riffs with a cool Rock n Roll spirit, well it's Stoner after all and here obviously we're in front of a band who know how to play this kind of music. The music of Haieeta is not so complex but really effective and even if Haieeta will not re-invent the genre I can tell you that the six songs of the CD are promising for the future of the combo. Plus, Haieeta's music is also a bit Doom and the last song "Residual Hill" is a nice composition of classic Doom with really slow and dark melodies. You must like to listen to bands like Candlemass if you want to enjoy this release but if you're into this kind of music you'll not be disappointed (even if of course Haieeta still has to progress if they really want to be compared to the masters of the genre… but remember this is only their first release).

Without being perfect the production of "Mvemjsun" is correct. The sound is maybe a bit too loud sometime but actually it can be ok with Stoner anyway. Of course this EP looks a bit amateurish but the music and the performance of the musician is more than correct then I suppose that their future will be ok!

"Mvemjsun" is a cool EP and I like the general spirit of the music of Haieeta. If you like to listen to Doom Metal and Stoner have a look on this CD and support this new Irish combo. If they can follow this road their first album should be really interesting. We're not in front of the perfect album but the best will come for Haieeta, let's keep an eye on them then

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 20.01.2008



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22.01.2008 - 07:37
that cover is amazing. i have to check them out.
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