Paradox - Electrify review


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Band: Paradox
Album: Electrify
Release date: 2008

01. Second Over Third By Force
02. Paralyzed
03. Monument
04. Portrait In Grey
05. Hyperspeed Hallucinations
06. Bridge To Silence
07. Disconnected
08. Cyberspace Romance
09. Electrify

Paradox is a band from Germany and they play Thrash Metal. The principal difference between this band and all the other Thrash Metal bands from Germany is that their Thrash is a lot more similar to the American one (Testament, Annihilator…) than the one of Sodom, Kreator or Destruction. Paradox has never release a lot of albums (only four in twenty years) and this new one will not be THE revelation for this combo but if you like melodic Thrash, I think that you'll like it nonetheless.

"Electrify" is a really classic album of melodic Thrash Metal. I can even say that this album is a good link between American Thrash and American Power/Heavy Metal (a la Iced Earth). The riffs of all the songs of this release are aggressive and fast but on the other hand the music of Paradox is really melodic and not so far away of Heavy Metal. In the end this album sounds a bit like the lasts albums of Annihilator without the "nu/alternative" side that we were able to find on the releases of the Canadians. With this nice mix of Heavy and with the power of Thrash Metal, "Electrify" is a good album but don't expect a real revelation here too. "Electrify" is good but it's all but not original and even if some songs like "Second Over Third By Force" are good songs, they will not reinvent the genre, unfortunately without being bad the new album of Paradox is just too classic to become a real classic.

"Electrify" was mixed by Jacob Hansen (Hatesphere…) and its sound is really modern. This is not a bad thing since that the band play a music with was really trendy at the beginning of the 90's but all in all, "Electrify" sounds like a modern album with some kind of old music and it's pleasant to listen to such kind of production. Though one more time, even if I have nothing to say against the songs of the new Paradox like with the performances of the musicians of the band, it's maybe too common and too unoriginal to be surprising and only the true fans of this kind of music will find a real interest in this release.…

"Electrify" is not a bad album really but sadly the band didn't created something new and fresh which can become a classic. Yes, paradoxically "classic" is a good word to describe the music of Paradox, their sound is too common to become really enthusiasm when you'll listen to the album. All in all "Electrify" is not bad but just not so original. The fans of the genre will like the release but if you want to listen to some real good Thrash, the last Exodus or Agent Steel will be a bit more convincing.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 28.01.2008



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28.01.2008 - 23:00
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Nice review Jeff. I didn't know them. I've searched them on Myspace and I like their sound (classic as you say). Btw, aren't you missing a song? There's one song, Infected, on their myspace, from this album, I suppose
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21.02.2008 - 13:19
For a thrash band to release such an album in 2008 is something unexpected and inspiring. Fresh and classic ,at the same time, thrash sound. Its above MANY releases who are supposed to be new and fresh, and its much more better and original than Annihilator's last releases. This release along with Death Angel's last album and of course Agent Steele's and Exodus are by far the best thrash albums released in many years, 2007 ended well and 2008 starts extremely well for the fans of pure thrash.

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