Degradead - Til Death Do Us Apart review


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Band: Degradead
Album: Til Death Do Us Apart
Release date: 2008

01. Genetic Waste
02. Take Control
03. Burned
04. Pass Away
05. Relations To The Humanity
06. The Bloodchain
07. The Fallen
08. Day Of The Dead
09. Resemblace Of The Past
10. Reborn

You know what, when I've seen for the first time the cover of the first album of Degradead and read their biography, I quickly understood that I was in front of a new clone. You know what? I wasn't wrong and I promise you that one day I will write a review even without listening to the album (that's not the case of "Til Death Do Us Apart", I've listened to it a lot of time. I'm a conscientious guy you know.) because seriously all these band are so predicable that it's becoming boring to listen to them and of course really easy to understand them…

I will repeat myself one more time but really there is nothing to say about "Til Death Do Us Apart". No, the first album of this new band from Gothenburg is not bad and no, the guys aren't badly inspired but God come on, they should wake up because they're not the first band from Sweden which release this kind of album and it's so uninspired and similar to a ton of other releases that it's just uninteresting in the end. I don't really understand how the musical industry work nowadays, I mean that ok In Flames and Dark Tranquillity are real monsters and they're really influential but it could be a good idea to tell to all the newcomers who want to play similar music that it could be ok, if they add some personal touches to their music. Except the fact that Degradead has some real guitars soli in their songs they're just a new clone of In Flames with all the ingredients that you can find in the recipe of the Gothenburg Death Metal (fast but mega melodic riffs, death and clean vocals etc etc etc…).

The two first songs are ok however and the production is impressive. Jesper Strömblad and Daniel Svensson co-engineered the recording and mixing of the album (which was done by Björn Gelotte in IF Studios). It's mega professional and Degradead is lucky to have such kind of result in the end but sorry to tell that one more time, the originality is equal to zero and since that some passages are a bit average and boring there is nothing for me here but of course if you're a fan of Gothenburg Death it will maybe be ok for you…

Seriously Degradead is not a bad band and their first album is not a terrible release but the point of saturation is crossed here and the band will have to react as soon as possible if they want to become something. It's just too easy to re-write the music of your favorite band and then release an album. Degradead guys you're not bad and have a good potential but please, please try to be original the next time ok?

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 29.01.2008



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11.03.2008 - 19:53
Dark-Member Alex
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i think they have great future if they don"t copy so much on their next album
15.03.2008 - 18:10
isn't going well with the melodic death scene in Sweden.
10.03.2009 - 05:16
Advice Troll
It's a nice album indeed but way to common as the review says; that was my first impression as well when i first listened to it
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