Lechery - Violator review


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Band: Lechery
Album: Violator
Release date: 2008

01. Rise With Me
02. Come Alive
03. I Am The One
04. Hero Of The Night
05. Your Fate
06. What Burns In Their Eyes
07. Slave Under Passion
08. Why
09. Cynical
10. Attraction
11. Open Your Eyes

Martin Bengtsson was the bassist of Arch Enemy on "Stigamata" but since this album and even if he played a bit with Armageddon, we didn't have a lot of news from him. Lately Martin has formed his new own band, Lechery and this time our guy doesn't play Death Metal but really classic old school Heavy Metal. That's a bit weird to see this radical change but Martin Bengtsson is a great singer and guitarist and this first album, without being so surprising, is in the end a really solid release of Melodic Heavy Metal. If you like the genre this is definitely for you!

"Violator" is full of nice melodic songs, this release is a good album of catchy Melodic Heavy Metal. All the people who like German Heavy Metal will probably like it a lot. Seriously, the performances of the musicians are all really convincing and Martin Bengtsson is a good surprising singer. As an example "Rise With Me" is a typical song that we were able to listen to at the beginning of the 90's with however some really heavy and thrashy riffs (this is not Thrash though of course). This is a bit FM on a side but heavy too and the melodies are catchy anyway so if you use to listen to this kind of music I'm sure that you'll enjoy a lot to listen to this album.

"Violator" is well produced and the album features all what you need when you want to listen to an album of Melodic Heavy Metal. We have powerful songs with the so-called "commercial choruses", we have also some mid-tempo songs. The album is really coherent but let be honest too, despite its good quality, you'll not be able to find anything new in this release. Like with a lot of new releases nowadays we have quality but we don't have originality. I know that it's not easy to be surprising but some bands still do it so we cannot forget this point when we talk about albums which are not really original.

"Violator" is an excellent album of Heavy Metal and if you like this kind of music, be sure that you'll be happy to listen to this release. Of course if you're looking for originality you can forget "Violator" but in the genre you will miss something. "Violator" is a nice start, when the band will be able to add some more personality to its music I think that we will start to talk a lot about them. Recommended to the fans of melodic Heavy.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 29.01.2008


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