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Band: Entwine
Album: DiEversity
Release date: March 2004

01. 2/4/943
02. Bitter Sweet
03. Someone To Blame
04. Bleeding For The Cure
05. Still Remains
06. Frozen By The Sun
07. Six Feet Down Below
08. Refill My Soul
09. Everything For You
10. Nothing's Forever
11. Lost Within'

This year was supposed to be one of the best years in Metal, I was expecting a lot of long-waited releases, and Entwine was one of them, their previous album "Time Of Despair" completely blew me away and still is a regular in my Cd player.
And with "Dieversity" comes my first disappointment of the year, I was expecting a melancholic and sorrowful album like their prior effort, instead I got this commercial album, full of radio-friendly songs and upbeat and catchy choruses.

My first listen was tragic, no slow themes, no keyboard driven sad compositions, only fast songs with the RADIO HIT label written all over.
My second listen noticed one of two songs that I may like, but I was still disappointed at the final result of this album.
My third listen, I was signing some of the choruses, and realized that as commercial as this album might sound, I really liked it.

So Entwine is no longer the band I yearned for, but still, is this album worth your money? I sadly say yes. Why sadly? Because I was expecting other thing, but still, what they do here is also damn acceptable.
After a 4 second totally useless intro the first single of the album opens "Bittersweet" is a totally commercial song, some of the fans that bought this single before the album went out, might suspected the change of direction of the band.
Some songs like "Bleeding For The Cure" still got some good 'ol melancholic parts, although this particular song features in some parts rapped-like vocals.

One improvement in the band is the keyboards, they have more predominance in the compositions, and in some songs, they reminded me of Nightwish.
Almost every song in this album is a potential hit song, every song has a lot of catchy hooks, take for instance "Still Remains", everything in this songs shouts SING ME!!
After several spins I can say that entwine offered us a new alternative, and some of the songs got those Gothic touches. Mika Tauriainen is flawless in his vocal delivery and remains one of my favorite vocalists in the Finnish Gothic scene.

Is impossible not to be instantly caught by songs like "Frozen By The Sun" and my personal favorite of the album "Nothing's Forever", as a matter of fact, the last 3 songs of the album are the ones that resembles more to the ones of their previous album.

So, in a nutshell, Entwine went more commercial, more radio-friendly, and maybe this is the album that shows the Finnish Gothic Metal scene to the world, who knows, just don't be surprised if you ever see an Entwine video on Mtv.

Written by Undercraft | 07.04.2004



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08.01.2008 - 10:08
Jason W.
This still continues to be the main Entwine album I listen to because it succeeds exactly in what it aims for: commercially-driven Finnish gothic metal. "Still Remains" gets me every time. To me it's a great improvement over "Time Of Despair," which put me to sleep over and over again, and more than exceeds their greatness on "Gone."
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15.01.2008 - 16:53
I R Serious Cat
Well I agree with Undercraft, their sound is more comercial, but they're still great. Still, the keyboards gain protagonism on this album and Mika Tauriainen proves, once again, he is flawless, and spite the radio friendly sound, they have that melacholic lyrics that, IMo combine damn well with the new sound on this album.
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16.10.2008 - 14:43
Advice Troll
You're too negative overall, I liked this and isn't really as bad as you say it is
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