Made Of Hate - End Of The Weakness review


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Band: Made Of Hate
Album: End Of The Weakness
Release date: 2005

01. Arising
02. Day Of The Doom
03. Dead World
04. Queen Of The Night
05. Struggle With Death
06. Lost Fool
07. Ruins Of Life
08. Prayer
09. Hungarian Dance

Archeon was actually a bit like the first name of Made Of Hate. Well, they're maybe two different bands but the same members play in the two bands and they play the same kind of music in the end. So ok, "End Of The Weakness" is maybe a bit different but all in all, Made Of Hate like Archeon plays something which is too much similar to bands like Children Of Bodom to be really enjoyable. "End Of The Weakness" is only an album for the fans of the genre…

The problem with a band like Archeon doesn't really come from its music but from its personality. Of course our guys, especially Michal Kostrzynski who is a really good guitarist, are good musicians but damn when we come to the originality of the album, we're near of zero. "End Of The Weakness" just sounds like a real clone of Children Of Bodom mixed with some Heavy Metal sonorities but here, that's the main difference with Made Of Hate, we even have the keyboards which sound like the ones of COB. The fans of the Finnish comb will maybe like that but if you cannot stand COB it will be extremely hard for you to like this album… I'm sorry to say that but "End Of The Weakness" is just a bad copycat and it should be better and lot more original to be convincing.

The performance of the musicians is really good though. And actually this re-release version of an album which was out in 2005 is a good way to discover that Archeon/Made Of Hate has improved a lot since its beginning. When "End Of The Weakness" was just a clone, the "second" album of the band under the name of Made Of Hate is a bit more original and with a bit more of personality. But even if for sure the guys of Archeon/Made Of Hate are really good performers, they will still have to work on their compositions and find their own sound to be unique. Until that day unfortunately, the listeners will always compare (and they will be right) this band from Poland and the one from Finland…

"End Of The Weakness" is not a terrible album, seriously only for the performances of the musicians it can be ok for you but only if you like to listen to Extreme Power Metal. At the opposite, if you're looking for originality, just go away as soon as possible, this first album clearly lacks of maturity and inspiration… sadly… Have a look on it if you're looking for some "new" release a la COB but if you really want to listen to something from Archeon/Dream Of Hate, have a look on the album of DOH, this is better… without being great but still, that's better…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 12.02.2008



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13.02.2009 - 04:38
Burning Winter
I actually like this more than COB's Blooddrunk... By the way, you are saying Made of mate in the beginning and in the middle of the review, why does it change to Dream of hate at the end?
We just have one life... SO LISTEN TO METAL!!!!
15.09.2009 - 21:28
Very cool album, nothing to say; very good for a band that is at his second album; and sorry for the english, i'm italian XD

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