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Callenish Circle - My Passion // Your Pain review


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Band: Callenish Circle
Album: My Passion // Your Pain
Release date: 2003

01. Soul Messiah
02. Dwelling In Disdain
03. Forsaken
04. What Could Have Been
05. This Truculent Path
06. My Hate Unfolds
07. Misled
08. My Passion //
09. Conflicts
10. // Your Pain
11. Out Of The Body [Pestilence cover]

Callenish Circle was a Melodic Thrash/Death metal band from the Netherlands. They have had record label problems with several companies before settling on Metal Blade Records, on which they stayed for three subsequent albums. After nearly 15 years dedicated to metal, Callenish Circle decided to break up in February 2007.

"My Passion // Your Pain" is their fourth studio album. It was recorded between January and February 2003, mixed by Andy Classen and mastered by Peter Neuber. The magnificent artwork was done by Niklas Sundin (also guitarist of Dark Tranquillity).
Compared to their previous releases, "My Passion // Your Pain" is one of the best Callenish Circle records ever released. The fast drums combined with an incredibly fat sound, a precision and a power in the music make this release the most mature album from the band till now.

The album kicks off with an awesome thrash metal track entitled 'Soul Messiah'. With fast drums and heavy yet melodic guitar riffs, this song is the perfect opener. The singing is aggressive and then followed by a completely brilliant break. This first song is really ear-catching, melodic and constitutes a beautiful introduction. The following songs are in the same vein, with heavy rhythmic and effective riffs, but nevertheless this album is absolutely not linear. Songs like the more mid-tempo 'What Could Have Been' break the monotony by combining sharpness and aggressiveness. The album reaches a climax with the two songs in the middle of the album, 'This Truculent Path' and 'My Hate Unfolds', emphasizing the brutality with jerky riffs but still remaining melodic. The rest of the album follows the same line, mixing aggressiveness, power, melody and catchy sides as on 'My Passion'.

On the whole "My Passion // Your Pain" hosts no forgettable tracks or boring moments. Callenish Circle have outdone themselves with "My Passion // Your Pain". The production is good and very clear. Still going heavy, trying to expand their boundaries in the metal scene, Callenish Circle play Melodic Thrash/Death metal in a faster and rougher way than their counterparts from the Gothenburg scene (In Flames, Soilwork). And if you find that some bands from this "melo-death scene" have played soft music during the last years, try this "My Passion // Your Pain". You should really appreciate its "hammering side" and its menacing riffing with unique atmosphere.

Highlights: 'Soul Messiah', 'This Truculent Path', 'My Hate Unfolds' and 'My passion'.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by White Winter Sun | 17.02.2008


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