Lamb Of God - As The Palaces Burn
6 May 2003

01. Ruin
02. As The Palaces Burn
03. Purified
04. 11th Hour
05. For Your Malice
06. Boot Scraper
07. Devil In God's Country
08. In Defense Of Our Good Name
09. Blood Junkie
10. Vigil
11. Ruin [demo version] [Reissue bonus]
12. As The Palaces Burn [demo version] [Reissue bonus]
13. Blood Junkie [demo version] [Reissue bonus]

After a very good release named "New American Gospel", I was waiting with great expectation Lamb Of God's new album. And it was worth the waiting. Three years after the bomb, comes the explosion. It's obvious the evolution of the band as deeper and more complex riffs and solos constantly appear. The songs are better written and the execution is great.

The album starts with "Ruin", a great song that has a big brutal change of in the middle. "As The Palaces Burn" is very fast and reminds me of Slayer in some parts, and this is a positive note. "Purified" has a great solo and drums work. "11th Hour" is one of the best songs, with amazing and powerful riffs. "For Your Malice" has good drums but gets a little repetitive. After that we have "Boot Scraper", with a great moment at 3 minutes and great bass work. "A Devil In God's Country" clearly show us the Death Metal influences in what we can call the second part of the song. The 8th track is called "In Defense Of Our Good Name" and, indeed, it defends very well their name, with evident Slayer similarities, specially in the drums. "Blood Junkie" starts with a great riff and looks more like Death Metal then Thrash Metal really, specially the end, with violent growls. "Vigil" is the last song. The beginning is great, with a clear guitar intro. Then we have the guitars slower then usual, but still aggressive, until the 2:45, when the song gets more fast and interesting. Great end.

Hard to appreciate at the first listen, its an album that seems to get better and better as you listen to it a few more times. With a top level of aggressiveness from the beginning until the end, "As The Palaces Burn" is amazing brutal Thrash Metal. It can also be a very good release for those who are more into brutal Death Metal, as the band is very influenced by that style as well. Thirty eight minutes won't seem as short in the end because you are so absorbed by the sound that, when it ends, you won't even realize how many time you spent listening to the album. But if you want more you just have to pull it back and listen to it again. And that's exactly what you will want to do.

Band profile: Lamb Of God
Album: As The Palaces Burn


written by Passenger | 10.03.2004

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DigitalGrind - 23.09.2007 at 17:37  
Ouuchhh one of best albums ever,actualy lamb of god just don't have bad albums songs and let's don't talk about gigs,in concerts they are masters of crowd and sound ;] one fuckin kick ass album 10 points to this nad the best luck to them in future...this just a begining ......
Introspekrieg - 05.10.2008 at 01:42  
Only decent Lamb of God album IMO
The others stray to far into the metalcore style for my liking...
Deadmeat - 04.11.2008 at 00:57  
I agree that every time this album gets a bit better. But I don't like the production and also the vocals.. In this album IMO all the songs except 1-2 follow the same style. So this is a reason I find it difficult to remember their songs.
LeChron James - 04.11.2008 at 04:41  
Written by Introspekrieg on 05.10.2008 at 01:42

Only decent Lamb of God album IMO
The others stray to far into the metalcore style for my liking...

some of their Burn the Priest shit is good but yeah this album is the only one i can really appreciate.
IlonaDM - 17.01.2010 at 00:03  
This album is fantastic! One of my absolute favorites.
thewall30 - 19.01.2010 at 17:44  
This album is really amazing other than the production, but its easy to ignore that the more you listen to it after a while... another thing is the drumming by Chris Adler, this guy's feet work in this album is amazing as it pretty much is all the time, the speed is quite obliterating...
derplo - 24.07.2010 at 17:30  
I like this album the most because it mixes the brutality and poorer production of the previous album with the technicality and amazing (over) production of the next album. A middle ground, so to speak.
bazinko - 10.09.2011 at 04:41  
I really like the sound of this album. And I think's it worthy to note that Devin Townsend produced it.
Haiwaan Das - 15.01.2012 at 18:09  
Popular Music :|
Kuroboshi - 13.03.2013 at 12:56  
I like the gritty production. I first listened to this album like 6 years ago, but really disliked it and have avoided LoG since then. It seems I was a bit immature then. Not a masterpiece, but catchy nice thrash.
LeKiwi - 22.04.2013 at 14:47  
One of the few albums where the production detracts from my enjoyment of the music...horribly thin...
Regolith - 12.01.2014 at 06:57  
Vigil. So simple. So effective.

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