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Band: Morian
Album: Sentinels Of The Sun
Release date: May 2007

01. Firewalkers
02. The Legion Of Two
03. Away From The Sun
04. The Rats In The Walls
05. Tomorrow She Comes
06. Flak Jacket
07. Sleep Of The Just
08. Recoil
09. Warmongers' Ball
10. Smoke And Mirrors
11. Remains (To Be Seen)

It's been a while that I didn't get in my hand andalbum of Finnish Metal but I've received lately Sentinels Of The Sun, the first release of Morian, a band which uses to play, like a lot of Finnish bands, a mix of Rock, Metal and Gothic music. This first release is full of nice melodies it's not especially astonishing but it's well done and the fans of the genre should have a look on this CD.

The good thing with Morian is that the band mixes a lot of different influences. Some melodies directly comes from the Finnish Goth/Rock Metal scene (Sharon, Him etc) but in general we're more into Paradise Lost's music (Host and Symbol Of Life period). The voice of the singer sounds a bit like the voices of all the American singers of Alternative music and actually it's really good! Even if we have some strong riffs and dark electronic sound in general this release is a bit poppy and well it's not bad at all to listen to it. So ok, I know that some of you will say that it's not Metal, that's maybe right, Morian is maybe more a dark Rock band but it's real "radio" music and if you like to listen to catchy music, it will be for you.

Mixed by Hilli Hilesmaa who has worked with bands like Him or The 69 Eyes, Sentinels Of The Sun is a really professional album. The musicians are good and the only problem with this release actually is that Morian lacks a bit of personality. This is not a big problem though, the band has some surprising song and in my opinion this is better than a majority of bands which play this kind of music.

Sentinels Of The Sun is maybe an album of "Pop" Metal but there are good things in this release. In general I don't like bands like Him or The 69 Eyes but I liked to listen to Sentinels Of The Sun, so it's probably a good point for Morian! Be sure to have a look on this release if you like dark melodic Rock and Metal, Morian's music is perfectible but it's already encouraging for the future of the band.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 23.02.2008



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24.02.2008 - 11:19
I think I tend to like them. Listen to Recoil, seems there is rap/hip hop element. I agree with the rate, 7 is enough.
24.02.2008 - 19:25
Account deleted
The problem I have is that they put too much into the album. Their older material is much more... simple. But simple is a good thing. "Give an inch, take a mile" describes them. Away From The Sun was great but once they got into the studio for this album, they put too much into the song. Really disappointed.

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