Tierra Santa - Indomable review


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Band: Tierra Santa
Album: Indomable
Release date: 2003

01. Alas De Fuego
02. Indomable
03. Quién Llora Hoy Por Tí
04. Hamlet
05. El Canto De Las Sirenas
06. Coro De Guerreros
07. Las Walkírias
08. El Corazón Del Guerrero
09. Azote De Díos
10. Las Puertas Del Infierno

Released in 2003, "Indomable" (untamable) is the fifth album from one of Spain's most famous metal band, Tierra Santa. Its cover is a drawing representing a long-haired warrior dying on his cross, but being illuminated, pretty good but the photo of the band isn't really helpful to put a face on the names of the musicians... The album in itself isn't very original: a mix of heavy and power metal, with lyrics based on "traditional" themes for the genre, that's to say brave warriors fighting for freedom, and stuff like that.

Obviously, one of the main difference is that with Tierra Santa, these stories are delivered in Spanish: Angel (vocals & guitars) has a clear and clean way of singing, very understandable. It may lack some variety, even some strength perhaps, but in my opinion it suits the music very well.
The music - let's talk a bit more about it - reminds of the heavy metal from the 80s and early 90s, with some simple and loud guitar riffs (Indomable - Untamable, El Corazón Del Guerrero - The heart of the warrior), duets a la Iron Maiden (Azote De Dios - God's whip), Las Puertas Del Infierno - Hell's doors), galloping rhythm sections (Alas De Fuego - Wings Of Fire), etc. Including some softer and deeper passages (Quién Llora Hoy Por Ti - Who cries for you) with a slight touch of romance (El Canto De Las Sirenas - Sirens' singing), far from being ballads though. Coro De Guerreros (Warriors' choirs) is an instrumental introduction to the next track, and sounds like a national anthem covered by sounds of warriors fighting hard. The bass guitar and the drums (no double blasting here) don't play a very important role, but have just the importance this music needs, sufficient to make the whole thing catchy enough for me. Moreover, the production doesn't suffer from any notable imperfection (except that we hardly hear the sound of the bass guitar).

Despite of the usual cheesiness of the genre, it's a pleasure to listen to this album: the easy to sing along lyrics and overall simplicity of the music make it lively and pleasant: consequently, I wish I could grab "Las Mil y Una Noches", the live album released after "Indomable. If you're into power metal and you want to discover the Spanish side of it, you shouldn't be disappointed, even though this album isn't exceptional at all.

Written by wrathchild | 27.04.2004



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28.10.2008 - 19:30
Great review, but I desagree with you in one point. The production es very good and the bass guitar is perfectly audible. I'd give it an 8.
18.09.2013 - 23:02
Decent review. I do believe Las Walkirias deserves special mention though. The riffage in that song is just fucking awesome. Not to be missed.

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