Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin review


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Band: Redemption
Album: The Origins Of Ruin
Release date: April 2007

01. The Suffocating Silence
02. Bleed Me Dry
03. The Death Of Faith & Reason
04. Memory
05. The Origins Of Ruin
06. Man Of Glass
07. Blind My Eyes
08. Used To Be
09. Fall On You
10. Precious Things [Tori Amos cover]
11. Love To Love [UFO cover]

Only a few chosen know the Californian Progressive Metal band called Redemption. Struggling to make a name for themselves despite displaying huge abilities early on, the addition of singer Ray Alder of Fates Warning as a full-time member back in 2005 turned a new page in the history of the band. Redemption is often compared to Symphony X. After all, the two bands shared their drummer Jason Rullo for 2 years from 2000 to 2002. Musically though, Redemption is influenced by pretty much all legendary progressive combos that ever existed. From the likes of Rush and Kansas to Dream Theater and Symphony X. The Origins of Ruin is their third release, following the acclaimed The Fullness of Time.

With a great singer and two virtuosos on guitars and keys, Redemption could not go wrong. The songwriting is above everything I know, leaving more famous bands in the dust. Plus, if you like anything close to progressive rock a la Kansas, this album is definitely for you. Don't misunderstand me, this record is heavy and aggressive at times, but what stand out at the end of the day are the softer, more mature melodies that flow through the songs. The guitar work is simply outstanding all the way through, but especially on a song such as 'Bleed Me Dry', where the whole track credibility relies on furious soloing. I could not possibly go into details about any of the tracks, and above all, I would ruin the surprise for you. So, stop staring at that screen and give Redemption a listen.

Let's hope that there are enough Metal fans out there who are like me, liking prog rock as much as prog Metal because Redemption relied heavily on both components to release another tour de force album. The Origins of Ruin confirms Redemption as a force to reckon with when mentioning progressive Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 8


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08.03.2008 - 14:52
Unfortunately I'm not one of the chosen few who know this band, but I do know Ray Adler from Fates Warning and absolutely love that man's voice and their music in general, so this is definitely a release I'm checking out.

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09.03.2008 - 01:26
IMO the best prog metal album of the past year and far better than The Fullness of Time. Unfortunately it's a very overlooked album as well. "Memory" and "Fall on You" alone justify the purchase and save for the title track, which fortunately is the shortest track of the album, there are no fillers at all. Definitely a release to check out!
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13.01.2009 - 18:48
Account deleted
One of the best progressive metal albums I've heard lately.
16.04.2009 - 20:39
This album is outstanding... I didn't know this band until I found out Jason Rullo was the drummer some long time ago. I absolutely LOVE Ray Alder's voice.

I can't say how awesome this album is.. "Memory" Is one of my favourite tracks ever, "Man Of Glass" is so good... Anyways... Just give this album a try.. I like it MUCH better than "The Fulness Of Time"

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