Norther - Death Unlimited review


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Band: Norther
Album: Death Unlimited
Release date: March 2004

01. Nightfall
02. Deep Inside
03. Death Unlimited
04. Chasm
05. Vain
06. A Fallen Star
07. The Cure
08. Day Of Redemption
09. Beneath
10. Hollow
11. Nothing
12. Going Nowhere
13. Tornado Of Souls [Megadeth cover] [Japanese bonus]

Norther, Finnish Extreme Metal, what can we say about this band? Well, let's go back a little shall we? In their beginnings Norther, along with Kalmah was labeled as a Children Of Bodom clone, nevertheless Norther's debut album, "Dreams Of Endless War" did an everlasting mark on the Metal community and was praised by the media in general, unfortunately they couldn't repeat the level of success with the follower, "Mirror Of Madness", and less than a year later, they come with "Death Unlimited" their third effort so far.

As soon as I got this record the first thing I though was, "what an ugly cover art" , that was not a good sign at all, the artwork is simplistic, boring and plain ugly, but let listen the Cd…
After a few spins of the Cd, one question appeared in my mind, Death Unlimited tops Dreams Of Endless War? The answer, no, isn't better than their debut, but it tops Mirror Of Madness, that's for sure.

Again, like most of Norther albums, keyboards really shine here, the variety of techniques used in the keyboards are just impressive, and the duets between guitar and keyboard solos are really something.
I will point a couple of things here, the album tends to become boring sometimes, and I wasn't satisfied at all with the drumming, just plain simple and dull.

I listen to this album to discover new things hidden within the keyboards and guitar solos, both are great, and both lift the album incredibly, I fear that without those great elements this would be a boring album, but gladly, is not, Death Unlimited is a good album, that's for sure, full of variations, and excellent moments, like the instrumental part in "A Fallen Star" or the gang vocals in the title track, those little moments make this album a good listen, even if you have an over-critic ear like me.

I believe that Norther haven't found their sound yet, but they're close to find it, I'll give those guys one more album until they surprise us again like they did on their debut.
Definitively this album demonstrates huge progress in the band, while is not a masterpiece, sure serves as a good entertainment piece, I can't wait for the next release of Norther.

Written by Undercraft | 20.04.2004



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30.07.2006 - 00:59
Well what I think is that this is great album from them. From the begining to the end. Like "Nocture" is slow, guitar intro with some sounds on it and then... Bam! Deep Inside begins with big boom and brings you into CD. And Going Nowhere is good endind song. When I first time listened all CD over and in end I was like "It was over already?? Have to get more!" and all CD from the start.

What I think from quitar and keyboards is same what you said. Well drumms could be more in, but I dont think they are dull.

Album cover yeah is little booring. Mirrors of Madness and Dreams of Endless War had much better covers.

This was third album from them so it is good to be third album. Well better third albums from other bands have been seen, but this is good one too. Well they havent found them own style completely yet like you said, but album has style!

In their further album Till Death Unites Us they have got much better, but I dont go any further ^^

Death Unlimited was first album that I listened from Norther and it is friggin' good and it will be top albums in my favorite albums list.

Btw your review was good.
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01.08.2006 - 00:41
Great album , I just love it !
Since Nightfall to GToing Nowhere you can feel their power and technique!
Great Album....
Norther is my favorite death melodic band...
Got all their stuff! Awesome shit , something I feel proud to possess!

Stay Fucking Extreme!
Nothing is unreacheable
11.08.2006 - 03:11
Probably their worst album if you ask me....its all very samey
23.11.2006 - 05:42
Account deleted
I loved this album so much every song is a homerun. mirror of madness was too clean cut at every song sounded way too similar. songs like ''a fallen star'' and ''vain'' are brilliant melodic and heavy. thier latest opus ''till death unites us'' didnt seem to have the same greatness. Death unlimited is one of the greatest extreme metal albums of 04 by far.
15.06.2007 - 23:10
Account deleted
es uno de los mejores grupos NORTHER:gunner:
20.06.2007 - 16:26
Erotic Stains
Heavy, fast and intense. This is a masterpiece with great solos, emotions, vocals and drums. Going Nowhere is one of my favourite songs, it has it all!
25.06.2007 - 16:37
For me it's the best album from their discography...of course extreme and fast. Just bang youre heads when you are listinig this album

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