TAF - Polluted review


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Band: TAF
Album: Polluted
Release date: 2008

01. Intro
02. No Place
03. Useen Enemy
04. Never Surrender
05. Sorrows
06. A Travers Le Regard Des Loups
07. Six Feet Under
08. Mother Planet Earth
09. Muero Por Ella
10. 380 PPM
11. Jailed
12. Memory
13. Due Faccie Due Vites # Polluted

"Polluted" is the first album of TAF, a new band from France. When I first read the biography of the combo I thought that it was just a new kind of release of French Hardcore but I was wrong actually because "Polluted" is an album of Neo Thrash Metal (with Hardcore touches right) and it's really well done for a first album.

I like the fact that "Polluted" is a lovely mix of a lot of influences. Here, you'll be able to find Gothenburg Death melodies, Neo Thrash riffs a la Meshuggah and the violence of Hardcore. The good thing with "Polluted" is that this album has guitars soli and all in all it's not easy at all. The riffs can be melodic and catchy but they're not commercial and all the people who use to listen to bands like Lamb Of God or the last Sepultura should have a look on this album. Of course this is not the first time that I listen to such kind of music but really "Polluted" is solid as hell and for a first album this is a really nice start.

We have big guitars riffs but also really good vocals and Tof, the singer, sings in English but also in French and even Spanish. This is a really good thing, the album is not linear and this language variation in the lyrics is refreshing! If you add that the production of the release is really good, that the artwork is classy, you must understand now that we're in front of one of the most promising new combo from France and their first album is a success.

"Polluted" is a great album of Neo Thrash Metal. Of course you must be open minded and like to listen to the new Metal scene but if you're into this kind of Metals don't miss this release. The music of TAF is still perfectible but our guys are good actually and it's promising for their future. "Polluted" is a classy debut album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.03.2008



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11.03.2008 - 13:17
Never heard of this Neo-Thrash thing, which is another incentive to hear this album.
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11.03.2008 - 22:51
Written by Talvi on 11.03.2008 at 13:17

Never heard of this Neo-Thrash thing, which is another incentive to hear this album.

have you heard lamb of god?

i might have to check these guys out. although i don't understand french, i'm interested in seeing how a singer can pull off singing in different languages. and neo-thrash isn't usually a genre i pass on.

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