Impaled Nazarene - All That You Fear review


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Band: Impaled Nazarene
Album: All That You Fear
Release date: 2003

01. Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan
02. Armageddon Death Squad
03. The Endless War
04. The Maggot Crusher
05. Curse Of The Dead Medusa
06. Suffer In Silence
07. Halo Of Flies
08. Recreate Thru Hate
09. Goat Seeds Of Doom
10. Even More Pain
11. Tribulation Hell
12. Urgent Need To Kill
13. All That You Fear

When people I don't want to talk to come visit me, I usually leave All That You Fear by Impaled Nazarene in my CD player, I put red lightbulbs on all around the place and I give them my best psycho look. I guarantee you the effect is immediate. They usually look at me like rabbits caught in the headlights of a car, and I see the frantic debate in their minds: is he going to torture me befor he kills me? Will he try to open my chest with an old rusted spoon? Then they just don't wait for the answer and run their asses out of the house. And I never hear of them again. That's pretty efficient. But there is this one question they bellow at me everytime when they feel far enough for their safety: 'How the hell can you listen to something like this???' This is something I've often wondered...

The answer is, with Impaled Nazarene, you must not stop at the first listening. When you discovr them, it just sounds like a massive bloody mess. But you have to go further. And beyond the vernace of genuine and utter brutality, beyond the constant aggression of the angry demon that is Mika Luttinen, beyond even the nuclear blasts of the drums, you will find what this is all about: more violence and the will to shatter your brain... No, seriously, if you can't stand the first song 'Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan' [whatever...], two minutes of ear-crushing apocalyptic outburst, just make the effort to go further.

I won't disguise the truth, Impaled Nazarene will never thoroughly change, the main tendency here is still black metal riffs played at a relentless speed [nuclear metal alright] but there is always a small place for sharp solos and even a bit of melody, the best examples being 'Goat Seeds Of Doom' and its thrashy riff and 'All That You Fear' and its ringing bells. The rest of the album is quite varied and rather different from the album opening, sometimes it is groovy ['Suffer In Silence' is a call to headbang], sometimes almost punkish ['Armageddon Death Squad' sounds like The Exploited era Beat The Bastards] and sometimes it clearly tends towards melodic dark death, like for example 'The Endless War' or 'Curse Of The Dead Medusa'.

The production is excellent and stresses perfectly every part of the music. The thing is, even if these guys are barbarians, they are also excellent musicians and songwriters. Consequently, all the songs on All That You Fear are really catchy and without useless ornaments. This one is definitely their best work so far, and now I know why I like it so much: This is fuckin' metal and nothing else!!

Written by Deadsoulman | 28.02.2004



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30.01.2009 - 15:58
All I know is this is better than their latest album. "Squad" is one of my favourite music videos - and not just cos of the visuals
death thrash death/doom/prog Hail Zoldon!

he's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays

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