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Band: StoneLake
Album: Uncharted Souls
Release date: 2008

01. Uncharted Souls
02. Pain And Hunger
03. (Tonight) You're Beyond The Shadows
04. Higher
05. Glory Days
06. Don't Leave Me Behind
07. Rockin' Down The Walls
08. Miracle
09. Eyes Of The World
10. White Flame
11. Saint Or Evil
12. Wonderland

Stone Lake is not a newcomer. Actually all the band members of this combo from Sweden are old mates who have played together (or not) in some different Metal combos. Lately they have decided to "re-form" a band together and Stone Lake is born (they have already released three other albums!). The great thing with Stone Lake is that this combo plays "modern old school Heavy Metal" (yes I know that it's weird to read that!), really when you'll listen to "Uncharted Souls" you'll have the feeling that you're listening a band from the 80-90's which plays modern Metal. This is really good and all the fans of melodic Heavy Metal will like this release in my opinion.

I really like the new album of Stone Lake because even if we have a lot of influences which come from the 80's and 90's, the songs all sound modern. It's a bit like if you wanted to do a mix between Edguy and Queensryche, we have great catchy melodies but also really complex structures and the songs are maybe catchy yes, but they're all but easy. The performances of the musicians are brilliant and the voice of Peter Grundström is excellent, if you're into melodic Heavy Metal and like old school music, I really recommend you to check this release. Be sure that you'll not regret it Stone Lake just found the magical recipe which gives "new music" using "old music".

The production of the album is excellent. Recorded in the personal studio of the combo, the sound sounds like the best productions that we can find nowadays in the Metal scene. Plus the artworks designed by my mate Andre Becktson are one more time really well done and fits perfectly to the universe of Stone Lake. No really there is nothing wrong to say about this release, it's just a really good album of melodic Heavy Metal.

It was a good idea to re-form a band guys, your new release "Uncharted Souls" is really convincing and all the people who used to listen to Heavy Metal during the 80-90's will like this album for sure. Really it's hard to find "old" bands which are able to plays their music without sounding out of date and Stone Lake managed to avoid this trap. "Uncharted Souls" is a great album don't miss it if you like to listen to melodic Heavy Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 19.03.2008



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20.03.2008 - 09:15
This sounds interesting. Playing modern the old school way...must be something for K7 since he always preaches old school I'm checking it out in the near future

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25.03.2008 - 21:08
Jason W.
Hey, actually Jan from the band contacted me last week because of my university metal radio show - and sent me a promo of this too Damn "(Tonight) You're Beyond The Shadows" rocks! Obviously this music is not about originality, but about doing something established with class and energy, and I think StoneLake does it very well...! There are a few tracks that are "good" but plenty enough tracks to keep me playing this disc alot ! So yeah, I definitely agree with this review, Jeff.
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