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Band: This Is Hell
Album: Misfortunes
Release date: 2008

01. Reckless
02. Infected
03. Disciples
04. In Shambles
05. Realization: Remorse
06. Without Closure
07. Remnants
08. Resuscitate
09. Fearless Vampires
10. You Are The Antithesis
11. End Of An Era
12. Memoirs
13. Last Days Campaign

This Is Hell comes from New York and plays Hardcore. "Misfortunes" is the second release of this angry band from Big Apple and even if there are a lot of other Hardcore bands from this city, a lot of people already talk a lot about them. "Misfortunes" is not a real album of Hardcore but at least this is well done and its songs are catchy. You will maybe like this release actually.

"Misfortunes" is composed of aggressive songs with fast Hardcore tempos like "Without Closure" but all in all this is a bit soft in general. The songs are all melodic and a bit commercial, this is an easy of access album and not something so violent that you'll not be able to listen to, except if you're a fan of true Hardcore. No doubt that TIH is a new combo and no doubt that they're influenced by the new Metal scene from the US. It's not really problematic in my opinion but we're more into Hatesphere music than real dark and aggressive Hardcore which doesn't mean that "Misfortunes" is a bad release. A lot of its songs are good songs and I believe that This Is Hell will find a lot of success with this release.

My principal reproach here comes from the fact that This Is Hell cannot really be labeled in the Hardcore genre. It's not a bad thing of course to be a bit original but the music of TIH is more like a mix between Hardcore and Metalcore than anything else. Some songs can be really aggressive and Hardcore that's right but some other ones like "Disciples" are a lot more melodic and sound like Killswitch Engage (which is not a bad thing for me by the way!). This Is Hell is melodic Hardcore, this is not Sick Of It All or even Hatebreed so if you're looking for pure classic Hardcore I'm not sure that you'll like this release. Try it though, because the album features some really nice songs nonetheless.

You know what to do now! "Misfortunes" is a really nice album of melodic Hardcore. Don't expect anything super aggressive and violent here but this is not bad at all and will be enjoyable for the ones who like pure Hardcore (if they can stand melodic music too of course), like people who live Metalcore or Gothenburg Death. "Misfortunes" is not THE revelation but this is a solid release and confirms that This Is Hell will be a name to remember.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 21.03.2008



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21.03.2008 - 20:16
hi-fi / lo-life
is it just me or does that album cover say "misfortunes" (plural)? Its quite small but seems like it.
21.03.2008 - 20:39
Written by jupitreas on 21.03.2008 at 20:16

is it just me or does that album cover say "misfortunes" (plural)? Its quite small but seems like it.

Haha, I think I see it too!
22.03.2008 - 01:45
Mr FancyPants
haven't heard this one but their Sundowning album is pretty killer. i'll have to pick this up some time.
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