Anal Stench - Red Revolution review


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Band: Anal Stench
Album: Red Revolution
Release date: 2004

01. Hammer & Sickle
02. Charnobyl Hydrogenic Bomb
03. War Trip
04. Sputnik
05. The 666th Party Congress
06. Civil Unrest
07. Go Gagarin Go
08. Red Light Means Stop
09. Red Revolution
10. Outro (The Internationale)

Despite their name, Anal Stench don't always talk about crap. Well sure it was the main topic of their first album but their new release, "Red Revolution" (re-released this year by Metal Mind) is definitely more mature. It's not only a matter of lyrics, the music is also a lot more intelligent now and damn, it is groovy as hell. I didn't believe a lot in this band before that I heard this album but now I'm convinced; Anal Stench rocks!

"Red Revolution" is full of great riffs and the main quality of this release is that it's music is a synonym of the word "groove". It's not really easy to play Death Metal with groovy riffs but the guys of Anal Stench have found the way to do it. It doesn't mean that they play Nu Metal or Gothenburg Death now, no no, Anal Stench is still a good old Death Metal band, but there is something more in their music. First it is catchy and the riffs will stay in your memory but this is also technical with good guitars solos (not the best ones ever played but still good) and the drums are really impressive. A bit like with old Sepultura, "Red Revolution" is really aggressive with real melodic arrangement and it's good to listen to such kind of music sometimes. Don't expect something classic here, this is real violent Death Metal but with groove, yes with groove! I don't know when they will release their next album but if they follow this way it will probably kick ass! I have a lot of expectations for this future release.

Despite its name, "Red Revolution" is not an anthem to the old soviet system. Actually the lyrics of the album are really engaged and cynical. It's a matter of taste and opinion of course but I really think that it's well written lyrics and it's a lot better than the lyrics of their first release which only talked about excrement... With a great production and a classy artwork, this album is really good, original and of course... groovy as hell!

"Red Revolution" is an excellent album of catchy Death Metal. Really we're in front of a totally different combo now. The guys of Anal Stench play mature music full of great ideas, great riffs and melodies; I can only recommend it to all the people who like Death Metal, a must-have.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 06.04.2008



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07.04.2008 - 18:59
Erotic Stains
I think my anal stench right now... good review BTW.
08.04.2008 - 22:14
Moop Monster
Interesting I might look into them...
11.04.2008 - 05:24
anal stench....a must have, hahaha
defiantly sounds like a good album but it just sounds funny, i should check them out for sure

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