Hate Squad - Degüello Wartunes review


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Band: Hate Squad
Album: Degüello Wartunes
Release date: 2008

01. Degüello Wartunes
02. Rise Up
03. Killing Spree
04. At The End Alone
05. Anger From The Gutter
06. Aggro Manticore
07. Never Surrender... Die Fighting!
08. My War
09. Shank
10. Hannover H8Core
11. Rivers Of Blood

"Degüello Wartunes" is the fifth album of the German Hardcore veterans Hate Squad. Hate Squad is not American but they've always played Hardcore and even if I must admit that it's probably not so powerful (and more melodic) than some American combos like Hatebreed or Sick Of It All, the music of Hate Squad is not bad at all. Their new album should convince their fans and the ones who use to listen to Hardcore in general.

Even if "Degüello Wartunes" is labelled as a Hardcore release, I must tell you that some parts of the music of Hate Squad remind me some Gothenburg and Metalcore releases. Of course the riffs and vocals are angry and sound Hardcore but the melodies, in general, are a bit too much melodic and commercial. When I listen to Hardcore I like to listen to really aggressive music, I like to feel the violence behind the lyrics and the guitars riffs. I cannot say that the lyrics of "Degüello Wartunes" are sweet but I don't know why, this release sounds a bit too much European and "cool" for me. As you can understand, "Degüello Wartunes" is a good album of "soft" Hardcore and not something violent and virulent…

"Degüello Wartunes" is well produced and the musicians of the German combo are good performers but I regret that the voice of Burkhard Schmitt is a bit weak sometime. Though "Degüello Wartunes" is not a bad release, the songs are catchy in general and not so repetitive, the only problem for me with this release is that it clearly lacks of power and anger sometime. Really if you want to listen to melodic Hardcore it will be a good release for you but if you're looking for something naughty, you'll probably be disappointed.

"Degüello Wartunes", the last production of Hate Squad is finally a good release for common listeners. The true Hardcore fans (the ones of the scene from New York) will find it a bit too much European and melodic. It doesn't mean that it's a bad release, not at all, but don't expect to take a big slap in your face here. Hate Squad plays a Hardcore which is not so bad in the end but it could be good to be a bit more virulent sometime, it never hurts… (except in the mosh-pit…).

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.04.2008


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