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Belphegor - Bondage Goat Zombie review


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Band: Belphegor
Album: Bondage Goat Zombie
Release date: April 2008

Disc I [CD]
01. Bondage Goat Zombie
02. Stigma Diabolicum
03. Armageddon's Raid
04. Justine: Soaked In Blood
05. Sexdictator Lucifer
06. Shred For Sathan
07. Chronicles Of Crime
08. The Sukkubus Lustrate
09. Der Rutenmarsch

Disc II [DVD]
01. Bondage Goat Zombie [video]
02. The Whio & The Bunker [video]
03. The Root Of All Evil [Rehearsal Room]
04. Shredding Stage One [Studio Impressions]
05. Einmarsch [live]
06. Belphegor Maniakks

With a title and cover like "Bondage Goat Zombie" has, it is hard to keep your attention away from what might be lurking within. Austrians Belphegor return once more with album number seven in sinister form, threatening to pound you into the ground with their almost relentless blackened death metal style - but also give you a bit of a laugh in the process with song themes and titles such as the title track, "Justine: Soaked In Blood", "Sexdictator Lucifer" and "Shred For Sathan".

Whether this is serious or not becomes slightly irrelevant when we get down to the music however. Belphegor are a band that knows how to play together and have the capabilities of making crushing, death metal with blastbeats blazing at a great speed. Combining this and morbid sounding black metal guitar riffs makes for a somewhat haunting and dark experience, but not in the dreary and dull sense, this is fast and heavy death metal with no intention of putting you to sleep.

"Bondage Goat Zombie" has everything you would want from an album of this style, it sticks to an intense tempo whether the songs are full-on blastbeat fests such as the title track and "Shred For Sathan", or if they are heavier numbers such as the sledgehammer "Justine: Soaked In Blood".

Belphegor are not the fastest or most brutal band out there, neither are they the most blackened hate-filled band. The only niche Belphegor seem to fill is the one for strangely dodgy covers and half amusing song titles whilst the type of music they put across is not one with a playful undertone ringing over it.

Although the album does not suffer from the degree of monotony as some other death metal bands these days, the album is not razor sharp from beginning to end. The slightly dull "Sexdictator Lucifer" may let your attention wander, and the blastbeats towards the end of the album all ring the same tone as the ones at the start - but generally the album provides meaty death metal very suitable to get the head banging behind.

Even though "Bondage Goat Zombie" may run for some kind of title and cover of the year award, the album is not groundbreaking material and will not catch anyone off-guard. This is solid blackened death metal however and will satisfy anyone who decides, or dares, to pick up this abomination. When death metal is done right, it is always a pleasure to hear - and Belphegor do it right here. Although maybe slightly predictable, "Bondage Goat Zombie" delivers the goods.


Written on 10.04.2008 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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10.04.2008 - 23:00
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Haha, sound just like any Belphegor album, should be good. I like this review.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
11.04.2008 - 00:12
Im starting to like this cd more still kind of dissapointed by some of the tracks.. a few of them just sound kind of boring
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11.04.2008 - 21:23
To Arms!
great album i must say, very melodic and brutal
Stay Metal !!!
13.04.2008 - 16:01
who played drumms on this one?
13.04.2008 - 21:28
Written by LYnX on 13.04.2008 at 16:01

who played drumms on this one?

Torturer did.

Sorry, the review is pretty generic. You didn't really mention how this album sounds, rather how this band sounds. Because the new album is a bit different then the last ones imho, the "sledehammer" tracks are much more present and the blasting was reduced. There's also a (old) new emphasis on black metal like melodies.
15.04.2008 - 16:34
sounds good
16.04.2008 - 05:41
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Just got it. It is very good. Nothing incredibly new from the band. 'Sexdictator Lucifer' kicks a lot of ass.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
21.04.2008 - 20:27
Account deleted
The album is really cool. It's not very different from any other Belphegor album, but I don't really care about that. It's just what I expected from Belphegor. "Stigma Diabolicum" is one of my favorite tracks on the album.
22.04.2008 - 16:17
Robin Goodfellow
I wish , I can got it . should be good
"The WAY" is perfect and complete like boundless space nothing redundant but because the mind continues to make distinction.
05.05.2008 - 02:56
Unfortunately. I didn't appreciate this album as much as previous Belphegor releases.

Now, I'm not claiming it to be terrible, infact, It's a very admirable piece. Regrettably, on the other hand, it desn't QUITE live up to the standards set in 'Pestapokalypse VI'. Musically, there isn't a huge difference with fast drum beats and 'classic' black melody, although monotony does strike, leaving the listener with a sense of 'same old' by the end of the album.

Not to discredit Belphegor though, they've stuck to their proverbial guns and produced a similar (if not QUITE as good) album as before. If you're a fan of the style, you won't be too dissapointed.
04.06.2008 - 04:06
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
The thing I liked about it is that it seems to combine the sound of the past 3 albums: The Atmosphere presented in Lucifer Incestus, the harshness and speed from Goatreich, and the variety of tempos from Pestapokalypse, its like a compilation that isnt a greatest hits.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
28.06.2008 - 11:57
Lost To Apathy
Belphegor is always fast and brutal, and this is no exception. Good album.
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21.07.2008 - 23:42
Account deleted
One of Belphegor's best album!
13.01.2009 - 07:06
Honestly, I don't hear much of a difference between this and St. Anger. I'm listening to it now and I keep tuning out every ten seconds A big step down from Pest
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