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In Mourning - Shrouded Divine
2 January 2008

01. The Shrouded Divine
02. Amnesia
03. In The Failing Hour
04. By Others Considered
05. Grind Denial
06. The Art Of A Mourning Kind
07. The Black Lodge
08. Past October Skies (The Black Lodge Revisited)

In these dark ages when new labels pop out like mushrooms after the rain and release, usually without much distinction, any album that shows a little instrumental skill or a just a knack for copying old bands, it is not so often that a band coming out of nowhere takes you completely by surprise. It is even rarer that this band out of nowhere proposes an album as mature, intense and personal as the Swedish melodeath proggers of In Mourning have with “Shrouded Divine”.

Of course, no one can say that such a young act has peeled off all its influences already. That will come in due time. For now, In Mourning’s sound can bring quite a lot of Scandinavian references to mind, each being right and wrong depending on how you see things. The Opeth factor might seem quite obvious at first, especially as the vocalist (who does one hell of a good job in every vocal genre) sounds a lot like Akerfeldt, and also because In Mourning rely on 70’s prog rock and on the opposition between fast, brutal parts and clean passages. Actually, the acoustic/metal dynamics used by In Mourning remind more of old The Provenance, and they mainly use the prog elements to emphasize the melodic death metal riffing, and not the other way round. Various other passages can also recall bands such as Dark Tranquillity (for the use of melodic guitars), Katatonia (for the more doomy passages), Gardenian (for the general groove, the oriental touches of the guitars and some really catchy vocal lines like on “The Art Of A Mourning Kind”) and even European Thrash in the vein of Channel Zero (on some instrumental parts of “Amnesia” for example).

But, bear in mind that these are influences in the sound only. The actual songs are a whole other story, thanks to the very personal – and quite impressive for such a young band, I won’t stress that enough – songwriting. In Mourning merely acknowledge their references and use their major comprehension of progressive dynamics to cast them in a new mould. Thus, every song creates a universe of its own, each with its own sensibility and its own story to tell. The use of three guitars also definitely plays an important part in establishing the band’s strong character. They allow In Mourning to churn out cool solos and at the same time to use the third guitar like keyboards, without losing any power.

Altogether this is a very impressive debut album by a band which has obviously already found its way. Since they (unlike what Opeth do sometimes) have already avoided the pitfall of losing themselves in over-extended proggish meanders, and just go straight to the point, I don’t really know what feature they could work on for the next album. All that can be said is this: you’re on the right way guys, just keep working like that.


Band profile: In Mourning
Album: Shrouded Divine


written by Deadsoulman | 04.05.2008


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Demonic Tutor - 05.05.2008 at 00:18  
Hey Collin, that sounds very very interesting. I'm all over it already.
Damnated - 05.05.2008 at 00:28  
the synths have that trendy, upbeat sound sometimes which i just hate. other times they remind me of Tales from tousand lakes era Amoprhis. and not just the synths, the whole atmosphere of the songs. a nice touch there imo. the clean vocals are really bad, especially on the first song.

overall, a good debut tbh.
MetalManic - 05.05.2008 at 02:09  
Thanks for this recommendation!
__Az__ - 05.05.2008 at 02:39  
I heard this album a while back. Pretty much on a whim.

I concur though, would definately reccomend this to the legions of Opeth admirers, however, don't be fooled, In Mourning aren't simply another Progressive death clone. Oh no, instead, they implement various themes sporadically over the album; with each track having its own approach. Even so, a mighty fine progressive piece this is.

I agree with the reviewer, highly reccomended. Brilliant debut.
FOOCK Nam - 05.05.2008 at 08:14  
Nice work, I would give higer rating.
annodomini - 05.05.2008 at 08:32  
For me this is the best album of the year together with Draconian. I would give a 9 for it. Absolutely brilliant songwritting, dynamics , vocals... Perfect
Abattoir - 05.05.2008 at 23:15  
Very good piece of work...I like it pretty much
Fhuesc - 06.05.2008 at 03:04  
Really good band
metalmamma'n - 07.05.2008 at 01:30  
One of the best debut albums I've heard for a long time. Been playing it a lot over the last couple of months and I still think it is great !
Passenger - 22.06.2008 at 11:47  
In Mourning is an interesting band. I like this album, but I think the band will surpass it in the future.

mutha - 28.06.2008 at 15:22  
its a vulgar copy of opeth, i dont like it .... although is a good album
BloodTears - 29.07.2008 at 19:05  
I wouldnt say it is a copy of Opeth, by no means, in fact, I find it to be quite different. I really enjoy the album actually, it was a pleasent surprise to find out about this band. I rate it as you do, I think its quite an accurate rating given the flow of the album. I quite like the song "amnesia" and I find the doomy parts very interesting indeed, they mix it up just where its right it seems.

I recommend it to everyone who enjoys beautifully written music, of course all others are welcome too

Favourite songs: The Art of a Mourning King; The Black Lodge; Past october Skies.
Dreamwar_86 - 10.10.2008 at 09:04  
hell no this is no copy of opeth this is a lot more melodic
Umideath - 18.11.2008 at 11:11  
Enjoy, perfect band.
MadTinus - 24.01.2009 at 01:56  
Written by Damnated on 05.05.2008 at 00:28

the synths have that trendy, upbeat sound sometimes which i just hate. other times they remind me of Tales from tousand lakes era Amoprhis. and not just the synths, the whole atmosphere of the songs. a nice touch there imo. the clean vocals are really bad, especially on the first song.

overall, a good debut tbh.
Synths?! There are NO synths on the album...
Written by mutha on 28.06.2008 at 15:22

its a vulgar copy of opeth, i dont like it .... although is a good album
'Vulgar copy of Opeth', hahaha, that's just hilarious.
BloodTears - 24.01.2009 at 23:16  
Definitely not a copy of Opeth.
Wes - 20.04.2009 at 01:20  
Yeh this is a really amazing album. It's not really the kinda music I listen to lately but it is very well done. I haven't heard anything like this in years... If they release another album as good as this one they will be immortalized.
Wes - 30.04.2009 at 07:48  
Way better than Opeth sorry. I think this album is a classic. If this came out years ago theyd be famous as hell.
The last 2 songs on this album are amazing and emotional. I hope these guys get the fame they deserve.
lord artan - 08.06.2009 at 19:58  
I love this band and this album
in mourning is best in world
iiiiiiiiiii looooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeet i love this album
first biography and download in mourning in iran
Liquidus_Animus - 22.06.2009 at 00:39  
Great debut album, I hope these guys release many more. imo they don't sound very much like Opeth, only in some instances on the growling parts but other then that pretty different.
Vitriolic Hate - 09.08.2009 at 04:13  
Written by BloodTears on 24.01.2009 at 23:16

Definitely not a copy of Opeth.

indeed they have also influences of Farmakon!!
thisempty - 09.12.2009 at 20:35  
God, can't people stop the Opeth comparisons in every album released by a band that has some common things?? Damn.
There are things in this great album that i find very much like Rapture and Katatonia, especially the incredibly beautiful The Black Lodge track. And is that a bad thing?? Hell no! Its great, i love it.
So its not a Opeth copy, its a band with a sound familiar with opeth, rapture, some katatonia circa brave murder day, etc.
And what a great debut, the guys sound like they're doing professional albuns for 10 years.
annodomini - 11.12.2009 at 19:40  
I agree with those who says that it is not a copy of Opeth.

Look, these times it is almost impossible to release something original. It is like in literature: Post-modernists uses intertextual structures, they rewrite old works or take influence from them, but often the remakes become a fantastic masterpiece (Borges, Eco), and now look in the music as well, yes IN Mourning took some influences from Opeth, Katatonia... So what? They made probably the better album then those both bands ever had. It's nothing bad to be influenced by someone.

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