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Band: Dyslesia
Album: In Veins, Hearts, And Minds...
Website: http://www.dyslesia.com
Release date: April 2008

01. All That Will Be
02. Dependence
03. Earthquakes
04. Golden Path
05. Face
06. Come To Me
07. Illusion
08. A Tale Is Done
09. Time Of Tension
10. Where I Learn To Forget You (Departure)
11. Earthquakes [radio edit version] [limited digipack bonus]
+ video track [limited digipack bonus]

Some things are weird sometime. In France everybody knows the name of Dyslesia but unfortunately I'm not sure that all the French metalheads know that "In Veins, Hearts, And Minds..." is already the fourth album of this French combo of melodic Power Metal. The band has always done solid releases and never did outstanding ones too but they're famous for their lives and I'm sure that it's the first reason of their recognition in the country. The big question is to know if "In Veins, Hearts, And Minds..." will be the album which will lead Dyslesia to the success. I don't think so because without being bad something is still missing here…

For the ones who don't know the music of Dyslesia, you have to know that the French band plays some kind of dark melodic Heavy/Power Metal. The music of this new album is really melodic with good guitars soli and a general ambiance which is not really "happy" (not like a ton of other Power Metal bands…). The problem with such kind of music is that it can quickly become monotonous if you don't have the killing riffs and the mega catchy (not especially commercial too) melodies. "In Veins, Hearts, And Minds..." lacks of hits and even if the music is correct I have to confess that I didn't remember any special song of this album. This is well done, this is not bad but finally this is really common and not so special…

The production of "In Veins, Hearts, And Minds..." is not that good. The sound is a bit average and weak and I cannot say that the instruments were nicely recorded. I'm not saying too that we're in front of a totally lousy production, it's still honest and ok but I was expecting something really better for a band like Dyslesia. Also, the voice of Thierry Lebourg is really average in my opinion and a bit monotonous. One more time I cannot say that it's bad but not so great too. Really with "In Veins, Hearts, And Minds...", you'll have the strange feeling that you're in front of a good release but that a little thing is just missing to transform it into a real masterpiece…

"In Veins, Hearts, And Minds..." will not be the album of the revelation even if this new release is probably one of the bests of the band's discography. Dyslesia plays a good Heavy/Power Metal but this music is probably too common and not original to be attractive for a lot of listeners. In the future I just hope that Dyslesia will be able to write real hits, this is what is missing here, yes. "In Veins, Hearts, And Minds..." will not be a disappointment for the fans of the band, but be aware that you'll not find anything new here.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 06.05.2008



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