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Band: Lonewolf
Album: Made In Hell
Release date: 2008

01. Shadowland
02. Divine Art Of Lies
03. Host Of The Dark
04. Seawolf
05. Black Heaven
06. Made In Hell
07. Night Peace
08. The Heart Of Hell
09. The New Inquisition
10. Utopia

Damn I didn't know that we had some bands a la Manowar in France…Well that's not so surprising actually because this kind of Power Metal is popular in the country and I understand why some bands like Lonewolf are becoming big in the French roster. "Made In Hell" is already the third album of the combo but this is the first time that I hear something played by them and finally this is not so bad, if you like Power Metal of course…

On a side "Made In Hell" is a concentration of clichés… Catchy power Metal riffs, choruses with "warrior spirit" and lyrics about fantasy are featured on this release. On the other hand even if it's really epic and really Euro Power Metal in the spirit, the voice of the singer, which is not particularly beautiful by the way, is aggressive, loud and not high pitched or anything. Jens Börner doesn't sing with Death Metal voice but with a strong Heavy Metal one and that's not bad at all! On the other hand even if "Made In Hell" is powerful and a bit violent (for Power Metal of course), I doubt that people who doesn't like Power Metal in general will love this release but remember that it has good riffs and that it's old school in the spirit so it's definitely better than a ton of really melodic Power Metal that we can listen to everyday.

The performance of the musicians on this album is more than honest. You already know what I think about the vocalist Jens Börner but now you'll know too that Damien Capolongo is able to play really good and technical guitar soli and that the rhythmic played by the bass of Dryss Boulmeéaïs and drums of Felix Börner are perfect. With its good production, not the best of the creation but good nonetheless and with a cover with perfectly fits to the genre, "Made In Hell" doesn't have to envy a lot of Power Metal releases. Sure it's really cliché and basic on a side but the songs are not bad at all and at least Lonewolf is a band with balls if you see what I mean…

The good thing for Lonewolf is that we don't have a lot of famous bands which play the same kind of music in France. Even if they're not re-inventing the genre and even if they're not so original, their last album is solid and will probably be considered as a good album by the fans of Manowar and Hammerfall. Ok "Made In Hell" is not a revolution but if you like Power Metal I think that you'll like this release.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 20.05.2008



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21.05.2008 - 19:28
I R Serious Cat
well, it seems the "different thinkg about Lonewolf is the vocalist, who seems to have a (bit) different voice. Nice review Jeff. I'll check this album.
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27.09.2009 - 02:02
Heaven Knight
Really forgettable for me...
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17.02.2012 - 15:08
Haiwaan Das
Made in Hell (Hoi Hoi Hoi) ..... Made in Hell (Hoi Hoi Hoi).
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