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Imagika - Feast For The Hated review


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Band: Imagika
Album: Feast For The Hated
Release date: 2008

01. Your Creator
02. New Power Rises
03. Thinning Out The Herd
04. Bleed As One…Appease The Gods
05. Feast For The Hated
06. Behind Immoral Eyes
07. The Sick Sense
08. Fear & Doubt
09. Waking A Dead Man
10. Succubus

Imagika is an American band and "Feast For The Hated" is already the sixth album of the combo. Strangely, we've never heard a lot of things about this band and this is sad really because when I listen to their new album I think that they deserve a lot more of exposition and promotion. Now that they're signed on Locomotive Records I'm sure that this mistake will be fixed, the proof today is that I'm reviewing this album and I hope that it will help the band to find some new fans. If you like US Power Metal, you just have to know that you're in front of something big, Imagika is a great band which plays great Metal.

Here when I talk about Power Metal we have to agree that in any way I'm talking about European Power Metal because of course Imagika comes from USA and plays US Power. I think that we can compare the band to Iced Earth since that they play something melodic but always with powerful thrashy riffs. The singer has a voice which is also a bit similar to the one of Matt Barlow, which is definitely a good point. "Feast For The Hated" is full of great songs they're all powerful with strong rhythmic and angry riffs but evidently this is Power Metal and we have great melodies too. All in all, "Feast For The Hated" is just the perfect example of great US Power Metal, hits are featured on the album but this is not commercial, weak and doesn't sound like a majority of European Power Metal bands which are simply ridiculous in the end.

Produced by Andy Laroque, "Feast For The Hated" is in the category of the albums which kicks major ass. There is simply nothing to say against the production of this release which has a perfect sound and of course an excellent interpretation of its musicians. Only the cover is a bit so-so but all in all this is not really problematic when you hear the general quality of the album.

I like to listen to US Power Metal and "Feast For The Hated" will simply finish in my top five of the category this year. Powerful as hell but melodic, this album kick ass and I'm happy to see that some of our European labels still want to sign and promote such bands. This is so different and just better than our basic Euro Power Metal, here we're just in front of a band which has the class. If you like Iced Earth and all the bands of this category, I'm sure that you'll love "Feast For The Hated". This album is highly recommended to all the fans of true Power Metal!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 24.05.2008


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