El Chupa Cobras - El Chupa Cobras review

Band: El Chupa Cobras
Album: El Chupa Cobras
Release date: 2008

01. Girls At The Club Seven
02. The Meaning Of Life
03. Post-Op
04. Rehab
05. Famous Last Words
06. Dirty Little Tens
07. Prison Wallet
08. Gravity
09. Multi-Dimensional Living
10. Pre-Op
11. Chocolate Mask

If I was to be honest with all of you guys I guess I'd write a whole review about how the name "El Chupa Cobras" itself amuses me to the max; but as this is a metal website I'm required to write about the music and all those things...besides, I'm actually sure the kind and sweet Chad Baker from Acerbic Noise Development (who also happens to be the drummer of this spastic band) would like to read how this band inspired me to kill a couple of my pets...

El Chupa Cobras is a band who plays a very sludgy and muddy type of metal, the music however changes styles every now and then, covering from straight rock to hardcore and even some punk once in a while they keep the vibe interesting and freaky. Their sound is similar to what Ultralord did with their album "We Hate You And Hope You Die" but it's ten times more polished and solid, their music also sounds like The Jesus Lizard but with more cohesive features and less cocky attitude. Now that you have a slight idea of how this group sounds I'll tell you what they do best...

...this album is a gust of force straight to your head; while their music sounds influenced by many bands El Chupa Cobras manages to sound fresh and innovative with each riff and beat they create; I'm not impressed by their virtuous musicianship, which by the way is not bad at all, this band brings back the fun factor in music; many bands began creating music just to sound pretentious and overwhelming (I'm thinking The Jesus Lizard for example), when the music starts becoming boring and lethargic they call themselves "Avant-Garde"...El Chupa Cobras is the opposite, their music is just a powerful punch of catchy riffs, solid structures and fast beats...it's just freaking fun!

For almost two months this album kept shining on my playlist, so now that I finally gathered the guts to write something worth the music I keep thinking I could have said a little more...so in fewer words, I highly recommend this album, even though the artwork really sucks and the booklet is as simple as a folded sheet you'll be pleased (but I WILL be expecting a cooler packaging next time).

Best Tracks: "Post-Op", "Pre-Op", "Multi-Dimensional Living"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 29.05.2008



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31.05.2008 - 00:06
I'm very interested to listen to their music. I'll try to find a sample and buy if possible.

Anyway, the funny part is that in Spanish, the name means "The Snake Sucker".
31.05.2008 - 18:10
Im still not clarified about their genre, checking Ultralord, Doom/sludge metal, the jesus lizard, alternative. What about El Chupa Cobras? mixed by those?
31.05.2008 - 21:36
Written by FOOCK Nam on 31.05.2008 at 18:10

Im still not clarified about their genre, checking Ultralord, Doom/sludge metal, the jesus lizard, alternative. What about El Chupa Cobras? mixed by those?

Uhm...Well...Yes, it's a mix between them, it's kind of hard to describe, I'll try to get one MP3 online if Chad is ok with it

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